Advice On How To Quit Marijuana: Avoiding Roadblocks – Part One

How to quit marijuana can seem to some people to be a very simple question and to others an incredibly complex one. Some may think this difference of opinion simply comes from peoples varying levels of commitment to their attempts to stop smoking pot and this is somewhat correct but the circumstances people are in have some of the greatest effects on people chances of kicking their weed addiction and many of the problems I like to call roadblocks.

A roadblock is something we think we cannot pass, an insurmountable obstacle set before us that stops our attempts to move forward and appear to a marijuana user trying to quit to be a point they cannot go past so they simply turn around and head back on down the same path because that roadblock is not going anywhere. Some examples I have seen include:

  • Becoming extremely stressed when ceasing to smoke weed
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nightmares
  • Lack of support from friends and family
  • Social ostracism
  • … and many more!

These roadblocks I like to think fall into two categories and need different approaches.

Speed humps
A speed hump does not stop you going forward they simply slow you down, they are rough and sometimes fro a distance they look like you can’t get over them until you get closer and attempt it and realize they are not so bad! The only way to determine this is to look at the situation up close and work out can you just push on through it and it was fear of failure holding you back from giving up smoking weed not any real danger.


A real barrier is something that you cannot get past, or if you do try you end up wrecking yourself or something else (or someone else). Often sever issues of mental health or extreme social issues can become real problems when you are trying to work out how to quit marijuana and it looks like the end. Obviously you cannot just power on here but there are other things you can do. Following the roads analogy I might be laboring a little bit we might see our path to quitting marijuana as a straight line with speed humps and sometimes a barrier ending our journey, but what if there was another path? What if we could go around that barrier or remove that barrier in a different way that just trying to drive on over it? The real secret to avoiding roadblocks is to not tackle them head on if you are going to lose but instead try to find a different path, think of new ways and approaches to the problem or sometimes realize that this roadblock might have to be removed by getting our of the metaphorical car and solving this issue first.

In part 2 on how to quite smoking marijuana: avoiding roadblocks I will get a few examples I have seen for a better understanding.


4 thoughts on “Advice On How To Quit Marijuana: Avoiding Roadblocks – Part One”

  1. I am having a tough time with quiting marijuana. It has helped me with transition, but now I feel like I am in constant transition. I just feel like a hypocrit for quiting because I have been so passionate about weed, and I feel it does something to me in a very profoundly spiritual way. I believe strongly in the HOly Spirit. I don’t know what weed does for me? Do I have to make in my mind the decision to quit for ever?

  2. Hi Jason,

    You do not need to feel like a hypocrite, this is not an anti-marijuana site, there are many people who use it and are not addicted nor suffer any real problems.

    If you are having problems then weed will most likely always cause problems for you however.

    If cutting back does not really help then quitting for good may be better for you. If you are a spiritual person you may be better off trying meditation than using drugs that alter your brain chemistry also.

    I hope all goes well but remember the choice is yours to make a change and you do not have anything to lose in quitting as long as you remember it is just for you, your choice and has nothing against the drug itself just whats best for your life!

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