Marijuana – Addiction vs. Legalization

I gotta say I am getting a little tired of encountering so much ignorance about marijuana out there on the internet and it is coming from both sides of the legalization debate and the sad thing is I do not think anyone is actually listening or looking at anything particularly objectively.

I have been trying to promote in a few places and have had some very positive responses and some very aggressive responses primarily from the pro-marijuana camp. To this I just want to say one thing: is not an anti-drugs site!

I do not want to get involved in the legalization debate because that is a side issue to what kick addiction is about which is overcoming psychological behavioral addictions. Legal or illegal does not matter to me and does not really matter to many other people smokers or non smoker either but the effects of marijuana and those who become addicted to it are real and information for those people dealing with these issues is welcomed most of the time so why do pro-marijuana people despise facts about marijuana (real ones backed up by science not made up ones of course) and why do they care so much?

I wonder what I will face if I try to advertise the site to people suffering sex and pornography addictions, certainly alcoholism and others do not get this sort of adverse reaction.

Science, Laws, Egos, Rebellion … whatever. Addiction in general is real and a human problem with human issues and consequences and that is all this is about … everything else I just white noise in the background to me.

Stay healthy, Stay happy, Stay motivated … and blow off some steam sometimes … writing rants seems to do it for me! :)


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