Yes, we can!

Although I do not live in the United States I have followed the elections with great interest and great passion as in this globalized world when the big powers make big changes it affects everyone in the world to some degree.

Then today I watched the President elect Obama’s speech when the votes were cast and America had decided and I was inspired even though he was not my president, I didn’t vote, I was just a spectator but I was inspired.

“Yes, we can!”

Americans may think that only applies to them but it applies to many around the world and I think down here in Australia it applies to us as well. It applies to anyone who dares to dream, anyone who dares to reach for greater things.

“Yes, we can!”

It is not a political policy, not an agenda for change even … it is an attitude which inspires great things and more importantly; it inspires HOPE.

“Yes, we can!”

Without the political rhetoric, without the overtones of Americanism, without the deliberate contrast with the old administration this phrase is important, it is something that is important to anyone facing adversity and needs the inspiration to overcome.

“Yes, we can!”

To anyone facing their addiction, to EVERYONE who has to fight and suffer through the hard times when giving in feels like the easiest option … we can look ahead and say: Yes, We Can … Yes, I CAN!

No matter what your politics, no matter where you are you can overcome the obstacles in life, you can fight your urges, you can find a way, you can have the courage and determination to be the person you want to be!

“Yes, We Can!”

I believe all of you can do it with this attitude.
Good luck!


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