Are All Addictions The Same?

A question that has been asked by many people and I have been considering of late is are all addictions the same and if so do they all have common treatment methods?

I am a little divided in my own mind on the subject because there are a lot of similarity between any sort of addictions leading to a view that there may be a lot of very common elements that can be treated in the same way.

There are also many differences though in circumstance and in the case of drug addiction the dependence caused by addictive chemicals.

To me this means that logically we can treat the parallel issues in a similar way which primarily deals with the psychological addiction to a drug or behavior. Through introspection of the root causes of what makes people succumb to this type of compulsive behavior we can bring to light the reasons underneath the excuses and perceived need of this addiction.

From there things may vary but motivation for a better life beyond the addiction is still common but how you apply this motivation to be relevant to each type of addiction is where we start to vary in approach.

So are all addictions the same? I cannot say yes but there are enough links between every sort of addiction to be able to tie them together under a single banner so that we may learn about one addiction from others as well.


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