How To Quit Smoking Marijuana – Help To Quit Marijuana Forever!

While the debate over legalizing marijuana still rages and the pros and cons of this drug are debated endlessly those who have developed an unhealthy addiction to this drug know all too well the negative effects it can bring to ones life. From the massive amount of time that disappears from your life, the amount of money you keep shelling out to feed the addiction to the frightening lack of clarity and memory that comes from long term use, pot smokers looking to kick the habit keep looking for the answer on how to quit smoking marijuana.

Thankfully there are a few key facts about marijuana addiction that can help you quit marijuana forever. The first thing you must know is that marijuana is not a chemically addictive drug like cigarettes or cocaine which contain certain chemicals that give the user withdrawal symptoms that have physical side effects that only the drug itself seem to be able to cure. Marijuana has none of these properties which means that addiction to pot is a physiological addiction.

Psychological addiction is similar to gambling addiction or alcohol addiction in that the user seeks the high of this activity because they desperately want it for reasons to do with their state of mind not what their body craves. While a problem gambler may keep gambling for the elation of winning and the chance to gain back his losses a marijuana addict must have a core set of issues that bring tem back to the drug time and time again. For some it is simple as being a relaxant they rely on to help them calm down, others are drawn back because all of their friends also smoke and they do it to be social, others still may have mental problems that cut deep and the high of marijuana smoking is the only thing they feel can help them escape their constant torment.

In any case however the solution is similar, find these core issues you have before you try to give up on marijuana! If you do not have a firm grasp on the issues that keep you coming back to the drug you will never be able to quit smoking pot and keep sliding back into using it again and again.

So before you even start trying to quit smoking marijuana take this advice and look at the root causes of your addiction which may not be the same as why you started smoking either. I hope this can help you to quit marijuana and live the life you want to lead!

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4 thoughts on “How To Quit Smoking Marijuana – Help To Quit Marijuana Forever!”

  1. I don’t smoke but I have chewed tobacco for years. The ONLY way to quit is will power and a stop aid if necessary. I have tried the patch, pills, gum, Sucrets, you name it. Then I realized something very important. It took a few years for my body to work up a tolerance for tobacco. It’s definitely gonna take some time to get readjusted. Last year I made a new year’s resolution. I promised myself I would quit tobacco by new year’s eve 2007. I gave myself a year to cut back on the brand I used to use. Then, about 4 months ago I switch brands to one that had less nicotine. All of December I have tried cutting back on this brand. New Year’s Day will be my first tobacco free day. You have to get it off your mind. Reading, exercise, watching movies, some kind of hobby or craft. Just remember WILL POWER is the key. Don’t give in and if you do, don’t punish yourself. Don’t let one slip up make you stop trying. You can also set goals for yourself. Make the first goal easy. After one week off non smoking give your self a reward.

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  3. I knew deep within that it was time to allow go of weed. I was holding onto something that reminded me of the very good instances I had when I was younger, but it no longer gave me the very same fulfillment. It was generating me get comfy and stagnate in all areas of my lifestyle.

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