Fighting Porn Addiction – Refocusing Sexual Energy

Fighting porn addiction can seem like a battle with your own libido especially if you have been masturbating to online pornography for a long time for a number of reasons:

  • Anything done for a long time becomes a habit that can be so ingrained into your lifestyle it is hard to shake.

  • You have trained your body to expect sexual reward and the lack of such a reward becomes like a physical craving.
  • Ease of access means that relief to your frustrations and cravings is so easy to satisfy many continue to give in and do not gain addiction recovery.
  • Help is hard to come by because the subject is so taboo with most people making this a very lonely addiction.

So what can you do to fight porn addiction and come out on top and in control of your life and sexuality?

One such method that may help is to find a way to refocus your sexual energy. It is too easy to simply say i will do something else when i feel the need to pop online to view pornography but it is a part of the puzzle. The real results come from changing your mental addiction triggers to be positive rather than negative (being excessive porn and masturbation). When you discover what triggers your episodes online find something you can do to take your mind off it and stick to that, write it down and make it a new habit. It could be that you are depressed or sad which would require something targeting that particular trigger. It may be that you have sexually frustrating relationship issues which would require an approach aimed at solving that problem. One of the biggest problems though is boredom for many people and when online it is such an easy way to spend time despite the problems with sexuality that porn is known to cause .. if this is the case the best way to start changing this is to find a non-computer based alternative to relieve boredom because any association with the PC and the internet can easily lead down the path of addiction again.

For more information on fighting porn addiction for yourself or if you know someone who is addicted click below to find the answers you need to end your addiction and be unchained, free and happier with yourself and your sexual life without having to go to sex addiction counseling


How to Stop the Habit of Smoking Easily

Do you know why quitting cigarette smoking is hard? Have you wondered why so many people try and try again and fail every time? Do you wonder how the people who do quit know how to stop the habit of smoking with such ease?

The answer is not just motivation, not just willpower and it is certainly not all the smoking cessation aides you can buy to help with cravings though they do have an effect.

The answer is that to stop the habit of smoking you need to think, and believe that you do not want to smoke and that you are a non-smoker to the core.

You must develop a non-smokers mindset rather than a smoker looking to quit mindset because that is fraught with frustration and hardship compared to the positive healthy outlook of a non-smokers.

I know, this sounds trite and all too easy to say comparing with actually doing it but if you ask many ex-smokers who have no more urges to smoke they will talk of a change of how they think more than simply not smoking because the absence of something is not a cure, just a gaping hole that needs to be filled with something before you relapse or it fill with something worse.

So how can you develop this mindset when all you can think of is smoking and the cravings hit with a fury and force like a hurricane driving you reluctantly to pick up another cigarette? If you want to take the first step do these few things:

  • set a quit date and stick to it, write it down and post it where you can see it and tell everyone you know that date!

  • Repeat to yourself every day ‘I want to be healthy, happy and smoke free!’ because this ingrains positive reasons into your subconscious to be a non-smoker
  • reward yourself every day you do not smoke with something small and revel in every success and forget every failure because they do not matter in the long run!

For more comprehensive guides on how to stop habit of smoking click below for a range of options that will have you happy, healthy and breathing easy in a matter of weeks.


Self Help for Internet Porn Addiction

Any addiction can be an embarrassing affair as you admit to losing control of yourself to a substance or behavior and when the addiction is as taboo as masturbation and pornography it can be very difficult to get help from other people. Self help for internet porn addiction therefore is something that porn addicts desperately need to fight back against this psychological addition to the adult entertainment industry and to the rampant demands of their own libido.

Unlike going to a therapy center or using chemical replacement aides like some addictions overcoming porn addiction relies on understanding of your own mental state and above all, willpower. An overview of some of the main points of self help for porn addiction include:

Out of sight, out of mind.
The ease of finding pornography on the internet is astounding and so feeds addiction because it is so easy to get. To combat this you need to sit down at your PC while you are in a quitting mood (like now!) and delete all of your porn on your hard drive, delete all of your site histories, clear out your cache as well then delete any bookmarks of saved porn sites. Start clean and to stay clean install an adult site filter so you do not stumble upon porn sites accidentally and get drawn in that way.

Understand your addiction
Most addictions stem from a base psychological reason. Perhaps you are sexually frustrated or perhaps you have been doing it for so long it has become a habit you cannot live without (an orgasm addict) or maybe it stems from depression or anxiety and a need for release. Everyone is different but the only way to move forward is to understand this reason honestly so you do not blame the porn but instead know your weakness so you can act on it.

Motivation, Mindset and redirecting sexual energy
This is the hard bit but it can be done despite the sirens call of pornography. If you have your reasons to be free of internet porn addiction and a knowledge of why you are so hooked you are half way there and you just need a plan and a way to stay motivated along with a way to divert sexual energy to more productive things.

To find a complete guide to self help for internet porn addiction click below to discover how to be free of the world of smut for better sexual health, better relationships and more time to do thins that bring you joy not empty thrills.


Smoking Cessation & Hypnotherapy – Hype or Helpful?

Smoking cessation & hypnotherapy are two words that have been tied together with much controversy as success stories are revealed along with other not so successful leading to an odd divide in opinion both popular and medical on the benefits of hypnosis as a way to overcome an addiction to smoking cigarettes.

So is hypnotherapy & hypnosis actually helpful to people looking to quit smoking?

To know this we must understand what hypnosis actually is because this is where the biggest problem lies … in misunderstanding. Hypnosis only works if you WANT it to work and while skeptics may think this is a load of tosh those that open themselves up for hypnosis can gain the benefit because this is not mind control, this is not brainwashing this is just a helpful tool that can influence the brain. This influence comes from the subject who has undergone hypnosis to be at a heightened state of suggestibility which can allow therapists (or even yourself) to implant certain suggestions and reactions that are crudely put implanted into your subconscious to be at beck and call later on. This suggestibility is just that .. a suggestion which can be rejected if the subject does not want it so it is not brainwashing or mind control just a way to shortcut new behaviors and thoughts into your everyday life.

That being said can this work for smokers? Well let’s just look at the statistics of relapse from people trying to quit:

  • 34% of smokers try to quit smoking cigarettes every year.

  • Less than 10% of those that attempt to quit relapse and fail.
  • Approx. 30% of people who join a smoking cessation program succeed increasing their chances beyond the norm
  • Hypnotherapy boasts over 60% success rates!

Why is this so high and people are still arguing about it?

Possibly because those that go in for hypnotherapy are open minded enough to be actually able to take advantage of the benefits of the process while those going in with skepticism are the same people who are skeptical and negative of all stop smoking programs but try anyway because they approach everything from the wrong point of view.

This comes down two the two most important things in smoking cessation: Willpower & a Change of Mindset

Without the right frame of mind NO smoking cessation, hypnotherapy or anything will work for you in the long term because you have not consciously and unconsciously chosen to be a non smoker.

With this in mind some programs for smoking cessation, hypnotherapy included are discussed in the link below that will help you kick your habit if you want it more than you simply need it!


3 Helpful Tips For Quitting Smoking for the Long Term

There are many ways tips and old wives tales for dealing with the short term problems when quitting smoking but helpful tips for quitting smoking in the long term are often ignored even though many people can quit for a few weeks then relapse again. The reasons for this is because many smokers can gather the motivation and energy to overcome the cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms until the nicotine is flushed from their body’s and they no longer feel the physical dependence they once had and ignore the psychological aspect of being an addict which may seem like an ugly word but applies more than you might think.

So to combat the psychological aspect of smoking and nicotine addiction here are some helpful tips for quitting smoking beyond the immediate issues:

  • Find something to fill in the times that you smoked! One big stumbling block for smokers is that they feel a deep hole in their life which was once filled with the action smoking, buying smokes and taking breaks to smoke. Add up the time you spent doing these things and ask yourself what will you do instead? Find something to fill this time at home and at work, many people find exercise the best remedy once they know that the feel good chemicals of exercise are a good replacement high and it is also healthy. You can also take up other hobbies and interests but makes sure you always have something to distract you from the reminder of smoking and eventually these new healthy habits will become ingrained just as your smoking used to be.

  • Break from all smoking related things. This does not mean you should abandon your smoker friends but make sure you let them know it is not ok to smoke around you and ask them to be supportive not because you condemn their choice but because you want to be healthier. Avoid places lots of people smoke and even change your routine so you do not go past the places you used to buy smokes … a new way of life requires adjustment and that is what this is… a new way of life!
  • Cultivate a non-smoker mindset. Again this helpful tips for quitting smoking does not mean you have to become a non-smoker Nazi condemning people for their choice but instead it is a way of thinking that allows you to think of yourself not as an ex-smoker who had to do get off the habit but someone who chose to be a non-smoker for all the benefits that that brings to your own personal experience and life!

For more helpful tips on quitting smoking that will change your life and attitude on smoking to give you the best chance at quitting smoking for good click below to find a range of self help treatments that can have you smoker free, healthy and breathing easy!


3 Tips on Quitting Smoking & Stopping Cravings

Quitting smoking cigarettes can be a trial for many people be it their first attempt to stop smoking, a second time, a third or even more it is never easy. These 3 tips on quitting smoking cigarettes focus not just the everyday things that you need to do to not give in to the cravings but also the big picture to help you get over smoking for good by a change of mindset that is essential to stop smoking.

1. Dealing With Cravings
The first challenge confronted by men and women looking to quit smoking cigarettes is the cravings that hit when the body is demanding nicotine and also the psychological urge to smoke for its comforting action built up over years of smoking. While there are patches, gum and plenty of other aides that can help none of them will stop you smoking for good without the key facet of breaking any addiction which is WILLPOWER!
This does not mean that you just need superhuman willpower to sustain yourself through periods of intense withdrawals and cravings but without the belief that you can and will succeed it makes it all the harder. Apart from this there are some tricks to fighting cravings you can use when they hit which are usually simply ways to distract you until they pass. These cravings do not usually last longer than 10 minutes and are usually only 5 minutes long according to research so when you fee the tell tale withdrawal symptoms try doing one of these things:

  • Immediately do something, clean up your desk, clean up the house … busy yourself instead of sitting there thinking about the nicotine cravings which only makes it worse.

  • A mental trick that many use to great effect is to imagine a tennis match in your mind. Sounds silly right but the steady back and forth actually has an effect of calming and applying a steady beat for you to concentrate on … try it!
  • Exercise, not a full workout but have a 5-10 minute light workout you can do at home or in an office even if you head is pounding or you feel nauseous doing something to get the body’s feel good chemicals pumping will help.

2. Making a Plan
The key to making the foundations of willpower work for you is by having a plan to quit smoking cigarettes for the short term and the long term. It is advised you should even write these down with your goals and aspirations so that they are firm and not changeable like goals you keep in your head that can ‘change’ when things get tough.
If you plan to quit cold turkey, set a date that you will quit and make that date the time you throw out all your smoking paraphernalia like lighters, any remaining cigarettes, tobacco, rollups or whatever! Even dry clean your clothes to get the smoking smell out of them to make a clean break.
If you plan to reduce your smoking over time makes sure you have a daily or weekly plan of how many cigarettes you are allowing yourself to smoke and do not break it! in fact write it down every time you have one and check it before you smoke another. Then every day or week reduce that amount until you have a date where you have no smoking days left and you quit for good!
Goals can only be achieved if we have them set down and monitored or they just become dreams and like dreams can slip away when we wake up.

3. Change of Mindset
Lastly to achieve these tips on quitting smoking you must have the binding that allows you to do accomplish them because you WANT to accomplish them. While you may believe you need to quit smoking now do you want to quit or do you feel regret or longing. Do you feel forced to do this or can you not wait to give up the habit?
This is the question that will ensure long term success and a healthier life as a non smoker rather than a quick foray into that world and a retreat back to smoking and nicotine addiction. You must change your mindset and believe all the great things that come from being smoke free and that when cravings hit you do not see the easy way out by smoking but only see this as a speed bump on your journey because your DESIRE to quit smoking is greater than your desire for instant relief!

If this is your goal and you want to end this unhealthy habit for yourself and your family click below to find out more methods and tips on quitting smoking that have helped thousands of people stop smoking cigarettes to be smoke free, healthy and breathing easy!


How To Break A Porn Addiction

Breaking any addiction is a complex process that involves understanding and action and how to break a porn addiction is just the same!

While this may seem simplistic lets look and see how important each one is and how they fail without each other.


Action is important; if you procrastinate over doing something then you will never get it done. Most people suffering from addictive behavior lack the drive to take action. A smoker says he will quit on his birthday or new year, a gambler will quit after their next big win and so one but usually they continue to delay. Having the willpower to take action is something that no one can really help you with it has to come from a determination within yourself fueled by a vision of how much better your life will be when you cure yourself.
Such immediate actions for porn addiction include unsubscribing to porn sites, deleting all porn from your computer and blocking porn sites out with 3rd party software. These are good steps more for motivation than for effectiveness but reducing temptation is never a bad thing.
The problem comes when one takes action without a true understanding of their addiction. Action is a top down approach tackling the symptoms and very obvious aspects of the addiction but it does not remove the root cause of your addiction so the weed may once again grow in a moment of weakness undoing all the good you have done.


Understanding helps you take a bottom up approach to overcoming porn addiction. This means you must first understand what your addiction is, how it is damaging your life and those around you and of course understanding you do actually have a serious problem.

Following this you must delve deeper into your psychological problems and investigate and understand the root causes of your addiction be it low self esteem, a warped view of women and sex or problems within your marriage perhaps? There are so many reasons and everyone is different so it must be you who comes to the final realization.

Armed with this knowledge you can take on these causes and find ways to come to terms with them and eliminate them from your life making you a stronger person and killing the weed at its base.

However, some people have an uncanny ability to over think things and investigate and understand but never get around to actually taking action! Nothing amount of soul searching will actually help you quit unless you have the will to take positive actions not only against the top down aspects mentioned but against the root problems which are a lot harder.

The motivation to do all this can be hard to come by but the sheer fact of the matter is that your future is in your hands and this is a battle that can be won if you apply yourself men tally and physically to the task. There are reams and reams of books written about motivation so I will not go into that here but provided you can keep the motivation and use these two tools you can be porn free before you know it!

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How to Stop an Addiction to Porn

There is no easy answer to how to stop an addiction to porn as the real causes behind such a damaging habit are as varied as the bizarre sex acts you find in the adult entertainment industry! Without a one shot 12 step program or something of the like we must look for a more personalized solution that takes into account the fact that every case is different and every person responds to different methods of curing their problems.

It is recommended however that the first step should be to take action and remove the temptation by unsubscribing to porn sites and deleting all traces of porn from your computer as well as putting in place site blockers. The less temptations there are the more chance you have to find the real reasons behind your problem. It also gives a much needed motivational boost taking affirmative action directly against what plagues them but beware this can be a short term cure if the underlying problems are not addressed!

To really counter an addiction you need to understand the root cause of the addiction and take action against that or any other short term measure will eventually be overcome in a moment of weakness. Porn addiction is most often attributed to low self esteem and while this is not the only cause it is by far the most common. Why this may be depends on the person and overcoming low self esteem is a whole other fight you may have to win before you can cure your porn addiction. Whether this is your problem or it is something else an honest analysis without self deception or exaggeration is needed to isolate each issue and break them down into manageable chunks you can deal with one at a time.

So take action and get started one what may be a very personal journey of discovery, most addictions are not isolated problems but require an entire new look on life to break and if that is the case it can only be for the better so keep in mind all the good things that can come from breaking your addiction to porn and get out there and fight for your freedom and mental health!

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