Help Legalize Marijuana

America knows that there are a lot of positive reasons why marijuana should be legalized. The positive reasons should completely overtake the few negative things about marijuana. Politicians are always saying that marijuana is such a bad thing. Every single politician says the same thing about marijuana; they all try to say it’s very unhealthy. Well last time I checked Cigarettes where pretty unhealthy, but that’s legal. They are all persuaded that marijuana is so bad just because it gives you a, “high feeling”. That will lead me into my first discussion about why marijuana should be legalized.

First of all, about 76,000 people die every year from using alcohol. So obviously alcohol is dangerous. I will tell you from personal experiences that marijuana is not harmless to the community at all. Unlike alcohol, Marijuana does not make you “not care about what you’re doing”. I actually tended to be more concentrated while driving or working while being under the influence of marijuana. Do you think it’s fair to marijuana users that they have to worry about being arrested just for smoking some marijuana? I smoked marijuana with one of my elders who was about 70 years old. I have to tell you for how much marijuana she has smoked in her lifetime she seems pretty intelligent. She doesn’t drink alcohol because she knows that it makes people do crazy things. This elder is the most pleasant elder you could talk to, and she has never caused the community any trouble. The law enforcement does not even bother her because they know she is not causing any trouble. Just take that personal experience and think about that.

Leading from violence, I’m going to tell you how legalizing marijuana would make the United Sates much less violent. First of all the United Sates prisons would not be as full as usual. They would approximately lose 20 percent of there population. That will reduce huge amounts of taxes that you are paying. Just think, Big gangs and drug cartels would have to go away from marijuana trafficking. That would mean people would not get killed over bad deals or trying to stand in the way of the drug deals. Also the courthouse won’t have to worry about all the funding to keep people away from marijuana. Besides all the funding they put into that does nothing? Nothing will stop marijuana users from using. So why not cut the funding, especially in this economy.

As you have heard, Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the whole United States! Even more marijuana is grown then tobacco, and that’s a lot. Also the United States is in debt for over 13 trillion dollars. If the national government would legalize marijuana they would have so many new products they could tax, including the product as itself. From just taxes alone the government could make billions of dollars towards the national debts. It won’t just help the national debts. It will also help our economy by creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. That would bring more spending and less business reductions. All the financial things about marijuana are positive. There are 14 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. If you do some research you will find that a high percentage of those states have little debts.

Now we all know there are short term and long term effects from using marijuana, but it’s our body so we should have the freedom to do what we want to it. The effects of smoking marijuana are no worse then smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. As the constitution says we get “the pursuit of happiness”, so what if marijuana is some people pursuit of happiness.

As you have seen from this information, drug is not a lethal drug. In fact it is the safest drug in the world. So why have other drugs been legalized before marijuana . Help marijuana to be legalized by spreading this message to your friends. Don’t pass this by and think it will never happen. If everyone took a little part in spreading this message it would rise in the media which would overtake what the politicians are saying. This is serious and you could help just by spreading this message around the media.

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