Ever wonder why MARIJUANA is illegal and LIQUOR is legal. If you look at the facts you will see the difference in statistics.

POT has effected people by making them a little slow when driving but then again, when did that ever hurt anybody? Anyway, we all know the effects LIQUOR has on a person when they drive and the possible outcomes. Now to me just that difference alone should change the law but, nope! So, what about if you smoke too much pot? what happens? You will just fall asleep and gain about 5 pounds from the munchies but that’s it. If you drink too much LIQUOR you will throw-up, be very uncomfortable and maybe even land yourself in the hospital. Now, POT on the other hand would take about 15pounds in 15 minutes for you to get sick which no one could ever possibly consume, so no worries there. How about attitude? Did you ever see someone smoke a joint and want to start fighting people, I’m sure not much, but can’t say that about Liquor it causes violence everywhere, home, the bar, family gatherings and so forth.

Marijuana makes you relax, calm, funny and peaceful. I don’t know who made these laws or who is in charge today of regulating what’s going on here but it’s very obvious there is a different reason for POT not being legal vs. liquor. These listed statements are just a very few comparisons of the outcomes of both and are far from the worst. In any case, I am all for pot and hope you are to. The feeling of being dizzy and wanting to fight all the tie just is not for me. Also, there is no nature in LIQUOR. POT is enjoyable to look at, feel ,smell, and builds a certain sense of excitement which is never found in drinking for me at least. Pot is also grown naturally while liquor is processed.Imagine the overall long term health issues on just that simple fact alone.HUH? Must be a conspiracy or something going on.

IN some states it’s legal for medical usage which must mean that it is actually good for us in some sort of way. Now you don’t see doctor’s telling people to go home and drink. So these are a few of many,many different situations between the both there are a lot of dramatic differences and not really any similarities except for the fact you need to be drinking a lot of water once you are no longer intoxicated.So, all together MARIJUANA has a delightful feeling, outcome, effect and overall power which to me liquor does not possess. I know there is a lot of people out there that agree with me on this and a lot of people who disagree on this. Either way, the truth is the truth and facts are facts. How many people do YOU know that die from MARIJUANA. Okay keep thinking….Now think of the people who died from LIQUOR, yep! There you have it

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