Natural Treatments For Alcoholism

Alcoholics cannot resist the need to consume alcohol, after which drink more alcohol. They are not stupid people (not always, anyway!). Most are aware of how bad excessive drink could be for that human body, but despite their knowledge they have lost remarkable ability to manage the amount of alcohol they drink. They drink beyond socially acceptable limits and are normally a burden and embarrassment for their family and friends. This still does not stop them from drinking.

Ongoing alcoholism has dire effects on the body. It disrupts the standard function of all organs. It is especially difficult on the liver, brain, kidneys and heart. Cirrhosis of the liver is among the most serious effects of prolonged alcoholism. This is a scarring from the organ that’s almost irreversible. It’s rare that the cirrhosis-affected liver can be returned to full health and functionality. Alcohol disrupts digestion, which starts to starve the body of needed nutrients. Each time alcohol is imbibed it dulls a little more of the senses. On the long period of time these sensory losses can become permanent.

There are some natural remedies and herbs that can be helpful in the treatment of alcoholism.


– Aloe vera helps you to strengthen the liver and prevent cirrhosis, among the first results of alcoholism noticed by many sufferers.

– Ashwagandha helps strengthen the alcoholic through reducing vata vitiations. Vata is instrumental in the health and strength of the brain. It stimulates natural physical coordination.

– The gotu kola herb is also a brain revitalizer. It is an important ingredient to anyone suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

– Musk, or jatamansi, can also be great for vata vitiation. It has a cooling effect and helps your body recover from the effects of alcoholism.

Ayurvedic Treatments:

Ayurvedic treatments come in different levels, based on how entrenched the alcoholism is in the body.

If one has just begun to recognize alcoholic signs, methods include irrigating the head in cold water, eating only cold food, and also the use of cold packs of mud for that body.

The more severe sufferer of alcoholism who may have been drinking for several years may require a more stringent treatment involving inducing vomiting, taking medicines to assist digestion, and fasting.

I have listed two examples of a wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments.

Home Remedies:

Fruits are very good at lowering the unwanted effects of alcoholism. Juice from citrus fruit is superb at relieving hangover symptoms. Apples and bananas help remove toxins from the bloodstream.

Grapes and dates have the ability to reduce one’s urge to consume alcohol. In fact, by eating only grapes and dates and nothing else for a couple weeks, your drinking temptation is going to be gone.

Start drinking many varied types on non-alcoholic beverages regularly. This, too, will reduce the need to drink alcohol. When you want to drink, grab a glass of carrot juice instead. It’ll help remove that urge.

A hard-core drinker will certainly fail when trying to totally stop drinking all at once. Instead, phase out alcohol out of your diet slowly and steadily. Stuff that will help yourself on this goal are:

– Slow down with wine or beer instead of hard liquor. Eventually these, too, could be quit.

– Take a desire for a hobby or sport to take your mind of the times you’d have been drinking before.

– The love and support from family and friends goes quite a distance to enhancing the sufferer rid himself of his alcoholism.

– Aa meetings give the alcoholism sufferer hope and support from others with personal knowledge about the same problem

Whatever you do, should you even think you may be leaning towards alcoholism, begin action.

Hope that helps.

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Do Your RSA Course Online To Avoid Fines And Penalties

Why do I suggest people who serve booze be doing an rsa course? Let’s take a look at the figures. Approximately 2b people drink alcohol worldwide and around 76 million of those have booze related mental health issues.

It also results in nearly 1,800,000 fatalities per annually or three point two percent of all death. Around 6 percent of male deaths are related to alcohol and nearly one in 10 deaths among young people aged 15 to 29 is from alcohol-related causes. It increases the chances of things like fights, sexual assault, killing, graffiti and so on.

Around 71 people die every day from alcohol related car accidents and about 25 of those are children. Here’s where it gets interesting. About forty percent of all boozing happens outside the home, at places serving alcohol. So not all the blame for this worldwide epidemic of alcohol fueled death, destruction, money wasting, dead children and so on rests with the individuals doing the drinking.

Somebody somewhere sold the person alcohol. So is it their fault? That’s a hard question. If some poor service person uses responsible service of alcohol principles, they may get the sack for under-performance.But if they don’t they are at the very least ‘enabling’ someones irresponsible drinking. I’ve been in hospitality and mostly people just want to have a few drinks with friends, celebrate something, get on the dance floor, try their luck with the opposite sex…in short they are there to have fun. Really, its not our job to stop people having fun.

However, some of these fools do get drunk, attack people, get in their cars etc. There is no way staff can tell the difference between someone who’s going to get blotto and do damage and someone who’s just there for some fun.What we can do is cut off thimble heads who show certain behaviors, are rude, unsteady on their feet, glassy eyed etc.

Most venues serving alcohol will support staff when issues like this arise. It comes down to this. Responsible service of alcohol is about caring for other people.The best thing you can do, is to do an RSA course and get your RSA certificate. What you want is to find one that can be done online and that produces a recognised qualification. Watch out for variations between different States. In Australia for example, liquor laws vary depending on if you serve in QLD, WA, SA, NT and so on.

At the end of the day an rsa course online will benefit everyone involved, from serving staff who will learn how to serve responsibly, to patrons, who will feel safe in a family friendly environment and managers and licensees who will have greater legal protection and will avoid hefty fines and possible loss of license and reputation.

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Video Gaming Addictions

An addictive personality disorder may be the main reason for addiction to games. The life of a person becomes unbalanced if he is too immersed in a game to care about what happens in real life. One of the most addictive things about video games is the fact that there is some sort of a reward for the gamer every time he finishes a level.

If there is another type of addiction that is similar to this, it would be gambling addiction. Gambling addicts don’t let up until they win something, just like a gamer won’t let go of a game until he reaches the end. Gambling and gaming addicts share this trait of wanting something and playing for as long as it takes to get it. The addict wants more once he gets to the reward.

What are signs of addiction? If a person cannot stay away from a game, he is considered an addict. If the person cannot talk about anything else other than his game. It’s true that some gamers can go for days without going out to play a game. Lack of sleep may also be a recurring problem for gamers. One more thing that suffers is the connection that the gamer has with his family and friends. Most of the time, gamers are not aware that they have to cultivate relationships outside their games in order to live their life. The stereotypical gaming addict usually has no friends.

Because most people are not threatened by gaming addicts, they feel no need to set up a rehabilitation center for these people. The most that a concerned parent or friend can do is to offer the gamer incentive to stay away from his game long enough for him to change his perspective. The long break may change his perspective. He may start to understand how much time he has lost

In conclusion, video game addiction is real and can happen to anyone if you are not careful.


How To Stop Smoking Weed – Marijuana Negative Effects And An Awesome Strategy To Stop This Drug Abuse

It is easy to stay a pothead and not grow up. It’s sad that many people nowadays want only to hear music, smoke a joint and hang out then live a real life. For me the most lucrative home cure for weed abuse was to have a child. However, numerous other people need serious help to give up this drug, need help to bolster their motivation. So, in this report, I’ll illustrate three of the destructive effects of weed use and how to stop smoking weed.

For a long time I’ve been smoking weed, and just similar to all potheads I always defended weed use, speaking it had no destructive consequences. Until the moment that I quit that was pretty much factual, at least for me. I began feeling a shocking sense of nervousness far surpassing any paranoia I had met before, I commenced having bad panic attacks in a very short while after smoking a joint.

So, here are 3 negative effects of smoking weed.

1. Delusion. A delusion is an untrue perception that is decisively held even when exact evidence that the belief is untrue is showed to the person. There are three major kinds of delusion: majesty delusion, persecutory and thought propagation delusions. My delusion linked to this drug use were found somewhere in the 2nd type.

2. Impaired memory. Long-term weed use creates memory, speed of judging every situation and other cognitive attributes degenerate in time, but cognitive abilities are also affected in short-term weed smokers.

3. Heart disorder. Within five minutes after smoking a joint, the heart starts beating more rapidly and the blood pressure is lowered. Weed can make the heart beat to increase from 20 to 50 beats per minute, and can grow even more if extra drugs are used at the same time. I’m pretty convinced you understand this raises the risk of a heart attack, especially if you’re over your 40s.

How to stop the marijuana abuse?

Just as I mentioned, for me the best cure was to have a child. However, I also had a little external assistance. I’ve been working with a system known as Mighty Oak Inner Strength Training. This strategy is not merely an easy-listening, stop smoking weed audiotape and it is not a miracle treatment for weed dependence. Unlike some products that you could have seen on the web or on TV that claim to cure your marijuana addiction right away and make you to stop smoking weed with no withdrawal, no cravings and no struggle on your part.

This plan will tutor you how to stop smoking weed using a chain of audio CDs and e-books. You will learn how to store up and refill your willpower, 3 key psychological circumstances essential for you to stop smoking weed, life skills that you should use for the rest of your life and a lot more.

So, if you want a new, improved life – it’s time to stop smoking weed!

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What To Do If You Child Has A Problem With Alcohol Or Other Drugs

Parents who can usually resolve problems within the family, do not respond to addiction problems in the same fashion or with predictable success. Our society has many confusing and ambivalent ideas about addiction and these are part of the reasons why confronting addiction in your children can be difficult.

It is also difficult for parents to deny their children anything that they want or certainly the things that they demand. Surprisingly, our child-centered culture is a phenomenon that seems to be getting worse in the 21st century than it was in the baby-boomer generation.

Today it is not uncommon to hear parents admit that they knew that their teenager was using marijuana, drug rehab centers but they didn’t think it was a problem since they had talked to him about his use and their child had convinced them that it wasn’t a problem.

By the time that families begin to break through their denial and recognize that their child does have a serious problem, they are usually confused as to how they should confront this issue. Along with their confusion is a feeling that the parents must have done something wrong or they didn’t do enough and therefore, parents will continue to ignore a problem that should have been dealt with much sooner.

With these conflicted feelings, comes the fantasy thinking that perhaps the addiction isn’t as bad as we first thought and, perhaps it will magically get better. Research and professionals would argue that this isn’t the nature of addiction and in fact, the opposite is true.

The addicted child is also masterful at how to handle the parent’s attempts to address his or her problem. Young addicted men and women that are still living at home are usually well skilled at manipulating any conversations that they think might lead to addressing their alcohol and drug abuse. If they can’t change the subject easily enough, they will make the parents wrong by slamming doors, threatening to leave or threatening to hurt themselves.

All of these confrontations become a battle of wills and can become a matter of life and death if they are not resolved successfully. Families cannot procrastinate until their child has a drug-driving charge or another type of drug-related arrest or is seriously injured in an automobile accident.

If you have a child that is abusing alcohol or other drugs alcoholism at a level that is disrupting his or her abilities to succeed or their behaviors are disrupting the family, it is imperative that you confront this issue with the resolve that there will be an end to these problems.

Many times it is helpful to enlist professional alcohol and drug treatment in Colorado help. In looking for the best professional, it is a good rule to find a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with years of experience. Young adults with addiction problems are challenging and seasoned professionals have the experience and skills to truly help. There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to handling these problems, but success seems to be associated more with those who have years of experience. It is also beneficial to ask a prospective professional if there are other parents who can attest to his or her abilities.

Mainly, it is important not to continue to ignore those issues that are hard to confront. It is better to nip this in the bud than suffer the consequences of waiting too long to act.


Is This Your Child’s Worst Enemy

We all know computers can be such a positive tool in our children’s lives, but they can also be our children’s worst enemy.


Online Preditors and unsolicited sexual content!

Our children aren’t really safe from online preditors and perverts (even though we may think we took the right safety precautions to protect them).

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes And Live A Much Better Life

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your well-being or for those people around you. A lot of smokers are looking for simple and easy methods to give up smoking. If you’ve been using tobacco for a long time it won’t be very easy to stop cigarettes however it is quite possible. The nicotine present in cigarettes is very addictive and this craving can make stopping smoking a difficult battle. To be able to stop smoking cigarettes a person must be focused on their goal and motivated to accomplish it. Giving up smoking systems teach people how to stop smoking cigarettes, nevertheless it really isn’t easy to escape the dependence on nicotine. The smoker needs help from friends and family as well as a good plan. You simply can’t quit smoking if you’re gonna put it off time and again – you have to make the decision to quit and stay with it.

The good news is, there are easy strategies to stop smoking that you could check out to enable you to break the addiction. A number of these options might work effectively with a person but be utterly ineffective for others. You need to find techniques that fit you best and work with it. A number of people who have effectively stopped smoking say that they gradually wean themselves from nicotine few cigarettes at a time. Using this method, it is possible to trick your mind into thinking that your body needs less and less nicotine. You will want all the advice you could get when you need to give up cigarette smoking. Let your family and friends find out that you intend to quit smoking and you are definitely trying to do so. They might help keep you occupied and take your mind off smoking. There are prescription drugs your physician can recommend that may help you stop smoking cigarettes. You need to think about this option considering that nicotine dependency can be effectively taken care of with medication. A different way to learn how to stop smoking cigarettes could be to look at alternative solutions like hypnotherapy or acupuncture. Try to avoid other people who smoke cigarettes, it might be too tempting.

Discover new interests which will take up your time and keep your mind away from cigarettes. You can try exercises or any other recreation to help keep yourself occupied and smoke free. You will find organizations out there all over. These groups provide you with someone to speak with and provide lots of information for a person seeking to stop smoking. After you have quit smoking for good you are going to breathe better, you will smell better and you will live much longer. People will quit treating you like an outcast and your relationships might even improve. You can stop smoking if you seriously want to. Second hand smoke is also unsafe for those around you, so you will be improving the lives of other people in addition to your own. Get motivated, find some help and do it.

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Cannabis Coach – Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program Review

Is Cannabis Coach – Easy Quit Marijuana Audio Program Scam?
Marijuana (grass, pot, weed) is the typical name for a crude drug created from the plant Cannabis sativa. The primary mind-altering (psychoactive) ingredient in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), but much more than 400 other chemical substances also are in the plant. A marijuana “joint” (cigarette) is created from the dried particles of the plant. The quantity of THC in the marijuana determines how robust its effects will probably be. The type of plant, the climate, the soil, the time of harvest, and other factors determine the strength of marijuana. The strength of today’s marijuana is as considerably as ten occasions higher than the marijuana utilised within the early 1970s. This much more potent marijuana increases physical and mental effects as well as the chance of well being complications for the user. Hashish, or hash, is created by taking the resin from the leaves and flowers of the marijuana plant and pressing it into cakes or slabs. Hash is generally stronger than crude marijuana and may well contain five to ten times as a lot THC. Pure THC is almost in no way accessible, except for research. Substances sold as THC on the street normally turn out to be some thing else, for example PCP.

Some instant physical effects of marijuana incorporate a more quickly heartbeat and pulse rate, bloodshot eyes, and also a dry mouth and throat. No scientific evidence indicates that marijuana improves hearing, eyesight, and skin sensitivity. Research of marijuana’s mental effects show that the drug can impair or minimize short-term memory, alter sense of time, and reduce capacity to do items which require concentration, swift reactions, and coordination, including driving a automobile or operating machinery.

A prevalent poor reaction to marijuana will be the “acute panic anxiety reaction.” People today describe this reaction as an extreme concern of “losing manage,” which causes panic. The symptoms usually disappear inside a couple of hours.

When marijuana is smoked, THC, its active ingredient, is absorbed by most tissues and organs in the physique; even so, it truly is primarily identified in body fat tissues. The physique, in its try to rid itself of the foreign chemical, chemically transforms the THC into metabolites. Urine tests can detect THC metabolites for up to a week immediately after persons have smoked marijuana. Tests involving radioactively labeled THC have traced these metabolites in animals for up to a month.

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