What To Do If You Child Has A Problem With Alcohol Or Other Drugs

Parents who can usually resolve problems within the family, do not respond to addiction problems in the same fashion or with predictable success. Our society has many confusing and ambivalent ideas about addiction and these are part of the reasons why confronting addiction in your children can be difficult.

It is also difficult for parents to deny their children anything that they want or certainly the things that they demand. Surprisingly, our child-centered culture is a phenomenon that seems to be getting worse in the 21st century than it was in the baby-boomer generation.

Today it is not uncommon to hear parents admit that they knew that their teenager was using marijuana, drug rehab centers but they didn’t think it was a problem since they had talked to him about his use and their child had convinced them that it wasn’t a problem.

By the time that families begin to break through their denial and recognize that their child does have a serious problem, they are usually confused as to how they should confront this issue. Along with their confusion is a feeling that the parents must have done something wrong or they didn’t do enough and therefore, parents will continue to ignore a problem that should have been dealt with much sooner.

With these conflicted feelings, comes the fantasy thinking that perhaps the addiction isn’t as bad as we first thought and, perhaps it will magically get better. Research and professionals would argue that this isn’t the nature of addiction and in fact, the opposite is true.

The addicted child is also masterful at how to handle the parent’s attempts to address his or her problem. Young addicted men and women that are still living at home are usually well skilled at manipulating any conversations that they think might lead to addressing their alcohol and drug abuse. If they can’t change the subject easily enough, they will make the parents wrong by slamming doors, threatening to leave or threatening to hurt themselves.

All of these confrontations become a battle of wills and can become a matter of life and death if they are not resolved successfully. Families cannot procrastinate until their child has a drug-driving charge or another type of drug-related arrest or is seriously injured in an automobile accident.

If you have a child that is abusing alcohol or other drugs alcoholism at a level that is disrupting his or her abilities to succeed or their behaviors are disrupting the family, it is imperative that you confront this issue with the resolve that there will be an end to these problems.

Many times it is helpful to enlist professional alcohol and drug treatment in Colorado help. In looking for the best professional, it is a good rule to find a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with years of experience. Young adults with addiction problems are challenging and seasoned professionals have the experience and skills to truly help. There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to handling these problems, but success seems to be associated more with those who have years of experience. It is also beneficial to ask a prospective professional if there are other parents who can attest to his or her abilities.

Mainly, it is important not to continue to ignore those issues that are hard to confront. It is better to nip this in the bud than suffer the consequences of waiting too long to act.


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