How Electronic Cigarettes Work

As the name suggests electronic cigarettes use electricity to vaporize nicotine into vapor that is later breathed into as the smoke from a real cigarette. But, you have to remember that the only difference between smoking electric cigarette and a real one is that you are breathing in not smoke, but water vapor mixed with different flavorings and nicotine.

Every electronic cigarette consists of three parts – the atomizer, the battery and the refillable cartridge. These days, the majority of electronic cigarettes have small LED that lights up when you take a drag similar to what happens when you are smoking a real cigarette. That way you are sure that the battery is charged.

The battery is the biggest part of the electronic cigarette and is situated where the tobacco is on a traditional cigarette as well as is about the same size as that.

The other part of the electronic cigarette is the atomizer, which is responsible for vaporizing the nicotine. You have to know that the atomizer is powered by the battery and keeps up the nicotine till it evaporates into a vapor.

The refillable cartridge side of the atomizer is a metal tube over which the cartridge flows. Usually, this cartridge is about the size of the filter on a real cigarette as well as located in the same place. All you have to do is to shift the open end of the cartridge over the atomizer and the device is ready to be used.

Small wick on the atomizer juts out into the cartridge and contacts small fabric filler that holds the nicotine inside this refillable cartridge. When you take a drag a pressure switch turns on the battery, sending current to the atomizer. You need to know that right at that point the atomizer heats up and emits the small amount of nicotine in the form of vapor in the wick, which you breathe in.

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