What Is The Definition Of Addiction?

Have you encounter a person who is obsessive about an activity that he loses control of his time owing to extreme indulgence, or an individual who craves for substances like alcohol and drugs such as heroin? Then you have found a person who is hooked on an activity or a substance, where the addiction definition helps us understand the process that gets known as addiction. What is the meaning of addiction?

With the addiction definition throwing light on the essence of addiction, one should also know about the types of addiction. Addiction can take the form of drug addiction, which results from the extreme use of drugs, substance dependence addiction, where an individual continues with the drugs or alcohol though the substances can result into harmful consequences, and behavioral addiction that arises as when a person gets obsessed with a specific activity as that come in the form of web or shopping. A person who falls victim to addiction craves for a particular substance or an activity, though it can lead to depressing results on the life of the person.

One can find addiction symptoms that are normal to all sorts of addictions, where an individual is driven to indulge in the addictive behavior excessively, as in a way to get the required effects. When the addicted individual does not indulge in the activity or stops using a substance, withdrawal symptoms get experienced by the person. The individual also use the substance in greater quantities or perhaps for extended periods might be on the edge of addiction, as the person also finds it tough to reduce his addictive activities. The recreational, social and occupational activities revolving round the addiction gets the attention of such addicted people, where significant occupational and social activities get neglected. The person who gets addicted spends more time to obtain the substance or to recover from the results made by the substance.

Addiction treatment ought to get individualized, as a single treatment cannot pave way for the required outcomes for all addicted people. Like the case of medical treatments, detox is the commonly offered answer, which gets used to eradicate substance abuse. Medications become a prime element related to therapy, and it becomes effective as when it gets entwined with that of counseling and alternative behavioral therapies. Friends, members of the family and co-staff also have a task to play to inspire such individuals who have fallen prey to addiction.

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