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Are All Addictions The Same?

A question that has been asked by many people and I have been considering of late is are all addictions the same and if so do they all have common treatment methods?

I am a little divided in my own mind on the subject because there are a lot of similarity between any sort of addictions leading to a view that there may be a lot of very common elements that can be treated in the same way.

There are also many differences though in circumstance and in the case of drug addiction the dependence caused by addictive chemicals.

To me this means that logically we can treat the parallel issues in a similar way which primarily deals with the psychological addiction to a drug or behavior. Through introspection of the root causes of what makes people succumb to this type of compulsive behavior we can bring to light the reasons underneath the excuses and perceived need of this addiction.

From there things may vary but motivation for a better life beyond the addiction is still common but how you apply this motivation to be relevant to each type of addiction is where we start to vary in approach.

So are all addictions the same? I cannot say yes but there are enough links between every sort of addiction to be able to tie them together under a single banner so that we may learn about one addiction from others as well.


Marijuana – Addiction vs. Legalization

I gotta say I am getting a little tired of encountering so much ignorance about marijuana out there on the internet and it is coming from both sides of the legalization debate and the sad thing is I do not think anyone is actually listening or looking at anything particularly objectively.

I have been trying to promote in a few places and have had some very positive responses and some very aggressive responses primarily from the pro-marijuana camp. To this I just want to say one thing: is not an anti-drugs site!

I do not want to get involved in the legalization debate because that is a side issue to what kick addiction is about which is overcoming psychological behavioral addictions. Legal or illegal does not matter to me and does not really matter to many other people smokers or non smoker either but the effects of marijuana and those who become addicted to it are real and information for those people dealing with these issues is welcomed most of the time so why do pro-marijuana people despise facts about marijuana (real ones backed up by science not made up ones of course) and why do they care so much?

I wonder what I will face if I try to advertise the site to people suffering sex and pornography addictions, certainly alcoholism and others do not get this sort of adverse reaction.

Science, Laws, Egos, Rebellion … whatever. Addiction in general is real and a human problem with human issues and consequences and that is all this is about … everything else I just white noise in the background to me.

Stay healthy, Stay happy, Stay motivated … and blow off some steam sometimes … writing rants seems to do it for me! :)


Yes, we can!

Although I do not live in the United States I have followed the elections with great interest and great passion as in this globalized world when the big powers make big changes it affects everyone in the world to some degree.

Then today I watched the President elect Obama’s speech when the votes were cast and America had decided and I was inspired even though he was not my president, I didn’t vote, I was just a spectator but I was inspired.

“Yes, we can!”

Americans may think that only applies to them but it applies to many around the world and I think down here in Australia it applies to us as well. It applies to anyone who dares to dream, anyone who dares to reach for greater things.

“Yes, we can!”

It is not a political policy, not an agenda for change even … it is an attitude which inspires great things and more importantly; it inspires HOPE.

“Yes, we can!”

Without the political rhetoric, without the overtones of Americanism, without the deliberate contrast with the old administration this phrase is important, it is something that is important to anyone facing adversity and needs the inspiration to overcome.

“Yes, we can!”

To anyone facing their addiction, to EVERYONE who has to fight and suffer through the hard times when giving in feels like the easiest option … we can look ahead and say: Yes, We Can … Yes, I CAN!

No matter what your politics, no matter where you are you can overcome the obstacles in life, you can fight your urges, you can find a way, you can have the courage and determination to be the person you want to be!

“Yes, We Can!”

I believe all of you can do it with this attitude.
Good luck!


Quitting Marijuana – Dreams, Memory & Symbolism

Many people who start on the path to quitting marijuana experience strange and vivid dreams. Some say they are just very weird and nonsensical and other describe them as nightmares but the common element that many who experience such dreaming soon after they have stopped smoking pot is the clarity and vividity of such dreams which has surprised and often scared them.

I was thinking on this and wondering if it has to do with marijuana and it’s effect on memory. Many studies have shown that excessive usage of marijuana can lead tom short term memory loss and over a longer period long term memory loss as well as absent mindedness and a general lack of clarity.

How this links to memory is that I was reading up on how they believe that dreams are a way for the mind to sort out your memories when you are asleep leading to better cognitive functions and better clarity of memory.

It seems to me that the chemical processes in your body and mind that are going on when you smoke marijuana inhibit the functioning of memory and often problem solving abilities too. When we give up smoking marijuana and the body starts to clean out the THC and other impurities then our brain starts improving its memory and functions again which leads to the vivid dreams as the mind furiously works to repair the damage the pot has done and perhaps they might seem all the more real and clear because it has been so long since an ex addict has had such dreams.

On the other hand many people believe in the symbolism of dreams and how they have meaning if you can interpret them and with marijuana being primarily a psychological addiction there must be many pent up emotions and problems just waiting to come to the fore when a marijuana addict becomes clean of the drug and with themselves.

Perhaps it is a mix of both with marijuana addiction inhibiting memory and brain function and the reasons for being addicted inhibiting people from exploring the psychological issues that they face? In any case I believe that having such drams should not be something to be scared or frightened of but instead to be embraced when quitting marijuana as it is obviously a sign that something is changing and if you are committed you know that giving up weed is a change for the better and so are your dreams!