There are many forms of treatment to help you overcome addiction to nicotine and smoking cigarettes but the effectiveness of each is often hotly debated. Most experts agree that support and help from loved ones is the most vital part of your attempts to quit but there are a number of other options that can help you. Below are some websites that have helped people quit their habit successfully with different approaches that may be right for you.

The Complete Lung Detoxification Guide

This site has a more unusual way to help people overcome their smoking habit by providing a step-by-step guide to detoxing your lungs of the tar and nicotine that has accumulated over the years. While this is not only a good thing for the health of your lungs and can help you get rid of that smokers cough the upshot is that it actually helps your body reject smoking as when it clears the lungs it not only makes you realize how much healthier you are without smoking but makes your body less addicted to nicotine and many claim to feel revolted by the thought of smoking again once they have done this detox.
Unusual but effective, this is a great guide that also caontains all the motivational tools you need to control every aspect of quitting smoking and gaining better health from the whole process. Highly recommended.

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Quit Smoking Today

Quit smoking today is one of the internets highest rated self help programs to give you the power to stop smoking cigarettes and stay that way. There are many courses out there that claim to do this and many can help but narrowing it down to the one that gives you the best chance we decided to promote this guide above the others because of its popularity, professional approach and its use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that has been adopted in many other names to help people overcome personal problem to great success. Like all guides we promote there is a money back guarantee so your only risk is not taking an opportunity!

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Better Living with Hypnosis

Another less common but on the increase method of treatment to quit smoking is self hypnosis. I was a skeptic of hypnosis until I was hypnotized by a stage hypnotist and I realized the potential behind this power. It is nothing magical but it is a way to reprogram your thoughts and feelings towards smoking in a more unusual way. ‘Better living with hypnosis’ is a large site with many courses for different problems but they have a stop smoking course that you can download or have CD shipped to you as they are in MP3 files that you listen to. Not for everyone especially if you are skeptical because you need to give yourself to it with an open mind for it to work.
Again comes with a money back guarantee!

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All e-book guides reviewed on this site come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product you can contact the publisher for a refund allowing you risk free purchases.

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