Pornography Addiction

Pornography Addiction – Overview

With the technological advancement pornography is now easier than ever. Today it is not hustling to the magazine stand for the new addition of Playboy, but a simple click of a button in the privacy of ones own home. Because it is so easy and relatively cheap there are thousands of men and women alike suffering from porn addiction. Now some might laugh and say that a person can only become addicted to hard drugs or alcohol, but research has shown that a porn addiction can be as devastating and strong as a chemical addiction. Defining addiction has always been a sore spot for individuals and professionals alike. What some may consider a problem others may see as only a bad habit. What differentiates between a simple look at porn for a thrill from an addict? Is it the amount, type or consistency? That is exactly the reason for this article, to help others understand what an addiction to pornography is, how to tell and what to do.

The most difficult thing to understand is that in most cases of porn addiction it actually sneaks up on the individual. Now that may sound crazy, but it is called a process of desensitization. A person may start out looking at porn once in a while, and believe that anyone that looks at it daily or weekly would classify as having a problem. Over time this same person begins to desire that high a little more often and they justify looking at porn because after all it is harmless and no one will know. It is not hurting anyone, right? Wrong after the cravings become stronger, the person’s social life may suffer, their employment, and most of all their relationship. At this point their viewing porn is interfering with their daily life and that is when it can be classified as an addiction.

Consequences of a Porn Addiction

A porn addiction can do more damage than some might assume. This is because addiction causes the actions, thoughts and feelings to boil over into other areas of their lives. For example, an individual looking at porn on company time might lose their job. Or, another may spend money that they do not have to sign up or visit porn sites. Along with these interferences the addiction can escalate into more serious problems. Because there are stages to any addiction, the porn usage can grow and result in further concerns over time.

Escalated Usage

Research has shown that when a person is addicted to something they begin to look for new highs. Now with porn that may be a different type of photo, video or sexual act, but the need for more becomes necessary. The nude women and men are not achieving that good feeling that the addict longs for so they branch into other areas, maybe more hardcore or even acting out physically themselves. Some men and women claim that their addiction to pornography caused them to turn to prostitution, crime and other negative behavior after years of use.

Emotional Numbness

Pornography addicts also report that after a while they begin to feel numb in their personal lives. Their sex life no longer excites them and they have a lack of regard for their partner¡¯s feelings. The constant craving of porn can cause them to spend more time on the computer and less with their family, friends and even their children. Relationships begin to deteriorate and this can start a vicious cycle of depression and other emotional distress.

Feeling Empty

After looking at porn the addict may feel a high or good, but they soon begin regretting their actions and begin to feel guilty. This guilt can eat at a person and cause them to try and stop looking at porn. When they fail they begin to feel weak or out of control when they can not stop. These individuals are typically embarrassed about their addiction and usually live in isolation because they do not share their problem with anyone else. This is a huge burden on a person and they typically feel very bad about themselves.

Pornography addiction is more common than most people think and it can be stopped. With the help of family a person can find new outlets and ways to enjoy their life without the help of a computer. Spending less time on the computer and keeping busy helps tremendously. The less time a person has time to think about porn the better. In some cases professional help is necessary and often required to put a relationship back together after the discovery of a porn addiction.

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