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Pornography Addiction Facts & Myths

Pornography is a very controversial issue and there has been much research from both sides. From this research and those making money from the industry there are many myths floating around society. The problem with these myths is that they are passed down to our youth and in many cases adults fall for the same untruths. It is important to arm ourselves with knowledge and understand the myths versus the facts about how pornography addiction ruins lives.

Myth: Looking At Porn Is Harmless
This is where the different sides of the controversy really disagree. Is it alright to look at photos or other couples having sex sometimes? The answer to that is one that must be answered by the individual and his or her significant other. The majority of research has found that looking at pornography is indeed harmful in a number of areas of an individual¡¯s life. First, even if porn had no negative consequences to the viewer there are real and numerous negatives for the performers. Most people are unaware of the true conditions of the pornography industry and the treatment or diseases passed along in their career choice. These diseases and degradation of the performers affects and influences society as a whole. Sexually transmitted diseases are already at an all time high and with the continuation of porn it is getting worse. Secondly, porn can be addictive and the individual risks their social life, family and overall emotional state when they become addicted. Being addicted to pornography is very real and can destroy many lives in the process.

Myth: Porn Doesn’t Hurt Anyone
In the majority of the cases a one time look at porn is probably harmless, but what about those instances of sexual abuse, rape and child pornography? Human trafficking is very real and not only in third world countries either. There are many abuses that take place in the United States every day. It is estimated that well over 100,000 children are at risk for human trafficking every year. Women and men alike are led into a drug addiction and then forced to sell themselves to feed their habit. Most porn performers admit to sexual, physical or verbal abuse as a child, so someone is suffering.

Myth: Porn Pleasure Is The Only Pleasure A Person Needs
The sexual experience should be made up of excitement and feelings for ones partner. With the desensitization and numbness that come from a pornography addiction many people find that their sexual pleasure reduces greatly. Individuals need love, affection and a healthy sex life, which can not be achieved through pornography.

Now, with some of the myths being dispelled, it is also important to mention some of the facts related to pornography addiction. The statistics can be alarming so prepare yourself.

Fact: 70% of Sexual Predators Fueled Their Crimes With Pornography
There are hundreds of thousands of sexual predators in our country. Over 70% of those jailed for sexual crimes blame viewing pornography for their sex crime. These individuals not only become desensitized to what they see, but they get new ideas for the torture and brutalizing of others.

Fact: 90% Of Sex Addicts Blame Viewing Porn
After becoming addicted to pornography a person is more likely to become addicted to sex. Sexual addiction can lead to devastating losses for individuals because they have trouble in their relationships, are at more risk of sexually transmitted diseases and suffer from greater emotional disturbances.

Fact: 83% Of Porn Stars Do Not Use Condoms
83% is an astounding number and the spread of venereal diseases is on the rise. It may seem far away or removed, but our entire society is plagued by disease.

Fact: The Porn Industry Is A 10 Billion Dollar Industry
Millions of people are hooked on pornography and can not stop. The problem is wide spread and continues to grow every second. Not only does the porn industry affect adults, but also children.

Pornography addiction is a serious problem and poses a great threat to society. With the failing relationships and separation of families our society is deteriorating. Degrading men and women alike has become second nature and we wonder why there is no respect in society? A porn addict can receive help and turn the damage around but, it takes patience, love consideration and education.

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