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Any addiction is a dangerous thing that invades all parts of your life and twists the person who you were into someone different always for the worse. Internet pornography is no exception and is sometimes a more subtle addiction as people do not talk about it and there is often less evidence of it to all but an addicts closest friends and of course their lover.

If you are single this addiction feeds an unhealthy mindset of what making love is all about and warps your view of how the opposite sex actually feels about it leading to a difficulty relating to them and if you do become involved in a relationship it is sure to cause problems.

If you are in a marriage or a relationship there is more proof that excessive online pornography viewing is detrimental, as over half of all divorces have had internet porn as one of the main factors in the marital disputes. When we take into account that about half of all marriages end in divorce a staggering quarter of all marriages have an issue with internet porn addiction and that does not take into account marriages that have an issue but do not become a divorce statistic!

So what can you do if you feel you are addicted to porn or if you know someone who is? Some people can break the habit with sheer willpower but most try and fail because they do not address the root causes of their addiction and fall back into the habit again making it harder each time they try to give up. Thankfully there is help available to those who need an end to their addiction or want to help someone else out of their addiction. Stop Porn Now! is a fully downloadable e-book which is well written and researched . Another bonus is that it is all fully downloadable immediately making it anonymous and easily accessible at any time of day or night.

Stop Porn Now! is Written by Peter Langford who has experienced Pron addiction twice in his life after quitting once but not really addressing the issues.

After months of feedback and review Peter is has now put his ebook course up live for you to download and take your first important step towards ending your addiction and regaining control of your life once more!

- Stop Porn Addiction Now! -

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