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How To Overcome Addiction To Pornography

With access to pornography so incredibly easy due to the nature of the internet the number of people viewing online pornography has skyrocketed and its loss of taboo status to almost be a norm for many people has led to a sharp increase in people who have become mired in the world of smut. How to overcome pornography addiction has become a major topic because of the enormous numbers of people who have realized that it has gone beyond cheap thrills and occasional titillation and has started to control their life.

One of the biggest problems we start with when looking to break free of an addiction like this is the social stigma associated with it, many people would laugh if you admitted to having an addiction to porn that was inhibiting your life where if you admitted that you had an addiction to alcohol or a drug people would be more sympathetic. This compounded with the high number of people who have become addicted to the world of porn because of low self esteem means it can be a real uphill battle that many face on their own without any help.

That being said, difficult is not the same as impossible! To start with you must take some practical steps to limit the damage this problems causes and you must develop a resolve to quit and be done with it ‘cold turkey’ as they say because any ‘once off’ moments can be a very self defeating thing where the slide back into addiction can take hold. So to start, while you are committed to this course of action and are ready to take some action they this:

  • Unsubscribe to any pornography pay sites you have.
  • Delete all links & passwords to any pornography websites you have … clean out your internet history completely so there is NO trace.
  • Download an adult content blocker and install it. While you can always override it the blocker will help stop you browsing and getting caught up. Also if you have someone helping you with this get THEM to set the password without you knowing to make it more secure!
  • Find something else you can do when you get bored or frustrated online that will take your mind off your habit as boredom and frustration has been proven to be a major factor in building a pornography addiction.
  • Take some time to think of the ‘why’ of your addiction. How to overcome addiction to pornography requires serious, honest introspection and can be more important than willpower and actions like the points before as a behavioral addiction is usually a result of other problems in your life such as low self esteem, depression, stress or sometimes even anger against the opposite sex.

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