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5 Benefits of Giving Up Marijuana

Giving up weed is a personal choice for those whose pot smoking habits are becoming uncontrollable and are damaging their life. While not everyone who smokes pot is addicted or has negative effects from their smoking many that are having trouble with addiction and pot often need to see the positive benefits of being off the drug to start their journey. The benefits of giving up marijuana are many and varied but 5 of the most common perks that ex-potheads mention are as follows:

  • 1. Freedom – This can mean a lot of things to different people but many ex smokers have been amazed at how their life changes once they do not feel they are enslaved to pot. They choices they make are clear and do not come with an addicts restrictions of when they are going to light up, where they will take a hit and so on. Freedom from the chains of addiction is liberating and opens more doors than you imagine when you are still smoking and are addicted.

  • 2. Money – Marijuana is not cheap. Some may have money as the last thing on their list of benefits with more concern with their physical health and mental health but once free of addiction many comment on just how much money they saved not having this habit that now goes towards much more positive things like savings, loan repayments, movies, better food, gym memberships, clothes or anything else that makes your life easier or better. Money should probably not be THE key motivator when you are trying to quit because you need to want to quit not be forced to by monetary constraints however.
  • 3. Clarity – Clarity of mind and clarity of purpose is something marijuana smokers tend to lack from heavy use. This is not permanent however, most people who quit find that after a few weeks to a few months they start to think more clearly as the THC leaves their system and their brain chemistry rebalances from years of pot smoking that changes how it all works.
  • 4. Motivation – Many marijuana smokers suffer fro a sever lack of motivation which may have to do with the chemistry of marijuana and your body but it may also simply be a mindset of addiction. In any case, quitting pot has been shown to help with energy levels and motivation through being smoke free but also from the journey that revitalizes motivation to be able to quit properly too.
  • 5. Self Worth – Self esteem can hit rock bottom during addiction and can take even more hits when trying to hit because not everyone quits first time with ease and may stumble along the way. However those that make it through to the end find their opinions of themselves hit a record high from their accomplishment of overcoming addiction and then adding all the other benefits of giving up marijuana on top of that it can provide a new start to many peoples lives!

So if you are struggling with a marijuana addiction and these sound like the sorts of things you want to experience then click below to find out how you can kick your addiction and live life to the fullest again!