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How To Break A Porn Addiction

Breaking any addiction is a complex process that involves understanding and action and how to break a porn addiction is just the same!

While this may seem simplistic lets look and see how important each one is and how they fail without each other.


Action is important; if you procrastinate over doing something then you will never get it done. Most people suffering from addictive behavior lack the drive to take action. A smoker says he will quit on his birthday or new year, a gambler will quit after their next big win and so one but usually they continue to delay. Having the willpower to take action is something that no one can really help you with it has to come from a determination within yourself fueled by a vision of how much better your life will be when you cure yourself.
Such immediate actions for porn addiction include unsubscribing to porn sites, deleting all porn from your computer and blocking porn sites out with 3rd party software. These are good steps more for motivation than for effectiveness but reducing temptation is never a bad thing.
The problem comes when one takes action without a true understanding of their addiction. Action is a top down approach tackling the symptoms and very obvious aspects of the addiction but it does not remove the root cause of your addiction so the weed may once again grow in a moment of weakness undoing all the good you have done.


Understanding helps you take a bottom up approach to overcoming porn addiction. This means you must first understand what your addiction is, how it is damaging your life and those around you and of course understanding you do actually have a serious problem.

Following this you must delve deeper into your psychological problems and investigate and understand the root causes of your addiction be it low self esteem, a warped view of women and sex or problems within your marriage perhaps? There are so many reasons and everyone is different so it must be you who comes to the final realization.

Armed with this knowledge you can take on these causes and find ways to come to terms with them and eliminate them from your life making you a stronger person and killing the weed at its base.

However, some people have an uncanny ability to over think things and investigate and understand but never get around to actually taking action! Nothing amount of soul searching will actually help you quit unless you have the will to take positive actions not only against the top down aspects mentioned but against the root problems which are a lot harder.

The motivation to do all this can be hard to come by but the sheer fact of the matter is that your future is in your hands and this is a battle that can be won if you apply yourself men tally and physically to the task. There are reams and reams of books written about motivation so I will not go into that here but provided you can keep the motivation and use these two tools you can be porn free before you know it!

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