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What Benefits are There To Giving Up Pot?

The benefits of giving up pot can be listed point form from a huge variety of perks that can help you in your daily life and long term but one question people who are looking for benefits of quitting marijuana need to also ask is what benefits do I really want?

We can list a string of good reasons to quit but none of them really mean anything to an addict if they do not close to home and have real and personal meaning to their own situation. Without this personalized benefit all other good points may not stick in their mind when the temptation of smoking weed comes up and all of these vaguely good sounding things just become… well too vague, distant and out of context sometimes.

For this reason when looking ahead at the benefits of giving up pot you need to make sure you pick a personalized reason. It may be based of a general reason you may have found online or from what people tell you but you must take this reason or reasons and OWN them. Make them your own by making them specific to your needs and wants for the future with distinct GOALS you can try to achieve as that benefit.

For example, if you are finding you have no motivation to do anything and find you are losing contact with friends because of your habit, “extra motivation” may not be enough. Instead look at the benefit as “reconnecting with my social circle” because “Being with my old friends makes me feel great!”

Seek, find, personalize; set a goal and you will have all the benefits of being pot free set in front of you!

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