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Help Me Quit Weed! – What Help To Seek & How To Help Yourself

Help! The word everyone has cried at some point in their lives and a word that is often underestimated, misunderstood and sadly often ignored. ‘Help me quit weed’ is not just something people say looking for a few tips and hints like it was some do it yourself project with some nails and a hammer. When we include help in anything we do it is a way to reach out and say to the world I am in trouble, I am floundering, I cannot do it on my own.

If this is how you feel do not be ashamed nor embarrassed because as has been said everyone cries out for help and if we did not we would never learn important skills and lessons. If you want to quit smoking pot the experience of others is very important to seek to better your knowledge and to maybe gain some support in your time of need. It also signifies that you realize you have an addiction strong enough that you feel your current motivation and willpower cannot overcome for a wide variety of reasons.

So where can you find help? An importantly … who should you ask?

The real trick with finding information, support and understanding is that sometimes these things should not all be found in the same place. An expert on drug use who has not used drugs can tell you many things that are important to know and will help you but will they give he same insight an ex-pothead might be able to give? Also people who quit smoking weed give the kind of support you need that might need a deeper bond? The answers vary wildly based on what you need and when you need it but a good guide is to be informed from multiple points of view and to find support in those who have empathy and understanding.

In the end however you must take the advice to your cry of ‘help me quit weed’ from others and apply that to yourself because no one can hold your hand forever and seeking help is the first step to helping your self not only in quitting marijuana but also in life beyond cannabis and into the future because in the end YOU must do the hard yards, but if you have knowledge and support behind you it makes it that much easier.

So if you are looking for help to quit smoking weed click below to find more information and support to help you get through this tough period.