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3 Helpful Tips For Quitting Smoking for the Long Term

There are many ways tips and old wives tales for dealing with the short term problems when quitting smoking but helpful tips for quitting smoking in the long term are often ignored even though many people can quit for a few weeks then relapse again. The reasons for this is because many smokers can gather the motivation and energy to overcome the cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms until the nicotine is flushed from their body’s and they no longer feel the physical dependence they once had and ignore the psychological aspect of being an addict which may seem like an ugly word but applies more than you might think.

So to combat the psychological aspect of smoking and nicotine addiction here are some helpful tips for quitting smoking beyond the immediate issues:

  • Find something to fill in the times that you smoked! One big stumbling block for smokers is that they feel a deep hole in their life which was once filled with the action smoking, buying smokes and taking breaks to smoke. Add up the time you spent doing these things and ask yourself what will you do instead? Find something to fill this time at home and at work, many people find exercise the best remedy once they know that the feel good chemicals of exercise are a good replacement high and it is also healthy. You can also take up other hobbies and interests but makes sure you always have something to distract you from the reminder of smoking and eventually these new healthy habits will become ingrained just as your smoking used to be.

  • Break from all smoking related things. This does not mean you should abandon your smoker friends but make sure you let them know it is not ok to smoke around you and ask them to be supportive not because you condemn their choice but because you want to be healthier. Avoid places lots of people smoke and even change your routine so you do not go past the places you used to buy smokes … a new way of life requires adjustment and that is what this is… a new way of life!
  • Cultivate a non-smoker mindset. Again this helpful tips for quitting smoking does not mean you have to become a non-smoker Nazi condemning people for their choice but instead it is a way of thinking that allows you to think of yourself not as an ex-smoker who had to do get off the habit but someone who chose to be a non-smoker for all the benefits that that brings to your own personal experience and life!

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