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How To Quit Pot – 4 Tips To Quit Weed Addiction Forever

While Marijuana is not a hard drug like heroin, cocaine or ice and has not been linked to cancer and heart disease like cigarette smoking the overuse of pot has ruined or inhibited many lives. Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to quit weed forever these tips for quitting pot may help you live the life you want to.

1. Understand your addiction

The first thing you must do is realize what your addiction actually is. You see, unlike cigarettes which contain nicotine which causes a chemical addiction in your body that gives you physical cravings for a smoke pot has no such chemicals. The addiction most pot smokers have is what is labeled a mental addiction. This means that there is no chemical or physical need to go an smoke some Marijuana, it is instead simply something you have come to believe you need because it is comfortable and the high you get feels good and you do not want to let it go; this is a psychological need;

2. Understand your psychological need

Once you can accept that your addiction stems from a psychological need you can move to understand that need. Is smoking an escape from a harsh reality? Is it simply a symptom of boredom? Is it because all your friends use pot too? The reasons we develop addictions are many and varied but understanding the core of it can allow you to set yourself free.

3. Find something to replace your addiction

This does not mean find another drug! It does however mean that while you try to quit pot you need to develop some coping mechanisms when you feel the need to use pot again. Finding something creative and fulfilling to fill that void can often lead to great things.

4. Develop your will to quit

As was said, Marijuana is not chemically addictive so quitting comes down to willpower. Now this does not mean that if you feel the need to use pot again you have weak willpower as psychological addiction can be very strong in people especially those who have used weed for many years. It does however mean that it will come down to what you do and the support the people around you offer, there are no pot “patches”.

How to quit smoking pot is much easier said than done but it is very possible to quit weed forever if you understand your addiction and take steps to remedy this core problem along with some willpower and a drive to succeed you can do this!

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How To Quit Marijuana By Stopping Cravings

One of the biggest challenges anyone faces when stopping an addiction is the cravings you feel and when discovering how to quit marijuana this will be a major factor in your plan to overcome cannabis addiction so you can lead a healthy happy life and not feel the NEED to smoke pot all the time.

First though, we must look at what a craving is!

Dependency cravings
Dependency is when your body becomes addicted to a drug and you face physical symptoms when you stop taking that drug. In the case of cigarettes a lack of intake of nicotine (often referred to as withdrawal) means you body believes it is being starved of something vital which can lead to agonizing headaches, nausea, diarrhea and more. The difference between cigarettes and marijuana though is that pot is not physically addictive and has hardly any of these symptoms making cases of marijuana dependency a debatable topic.

This does not mean there are no physical side effects to quitting marijuana however as many who have stopped smoking pot can testify. The active ingredient in Marijuana called THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) causes physical changes in your body chemistry which can lead to a few physical effects such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Mild Nausea
  • Sore Throat

Getting rid of THC from your body is a long term process however because it is stored in fat cells and is released at a later date. To speed the process and get through these physical problems it is best to do a detox to flush as much of it out of your system as you can. Exercise top burn fat, lots of water and other detox methods are very helpful in this regard.

Psychological Cravings
The physical aspect of quitting smoking pot is only the tip of the iceberg for many marijuana addicts because the addiction is not dependency on the drug which is basically a non-event. Instead, like many other behavioral problems such as gambling, alcoholism and sexual addictions, those that feel they cannot stop smoking weed are considered psychologically addicted and often use the physical symptoms that occur in the first few weeks as a belief they are ‘hooked’ on the drug despite its lack of dependency issues.

This is nothing to be embarrassed about though, people form ingrained habits to all sorts of things and some things that can be healthy, but when a habit becomes an addiction in that you believe you cannot exist without it this is nearly always detrimental to your life in many negative ways and this is where the real cravings come from.

You feel you NEED to smoke.
You feel SCARED not to smoke.
You might feel you cannot GET BY without just smoking even a little.

This might not even be apparent to you when learning how to quit marijuana, especially if you blame your continuance to smoke on the physical symptoms you get when you do not smoke and this is where the cravings that are rooted deep in your mind come from and these are the ones you need to uproot more than any!

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