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How to Stop the Habit of Smoking Easily

Do you know why quitting cigarette smoking is hard? Have you wondered why so many people try and try again and fail every time? Do you wonder how the people who do quit know how to stop the habit of smoking with such ease?

The answer is not just motivation, not just willpower and it is certainly not all the smoking cessation aides you can buy to help with cravings though they do have an effect.

The answer is that to stop the habit of smoking you need to think, and believe that you do not want to smoke and that you are a non-smoker to the core.

You must develop a non-smokers mindset rather than a smoker looking to quit mindset because that is fraught with frustration and hardship compared to the positive healthy outlook of a non-smokers.

I know, this sounds trite and all too easy to say comparing with actually doing it but if you ask many ex-smokers who have no more urges to smoke they will talk of a change of how they think more than simply not smoking because the absence of something is not a cure, just a gaping hole that needs to be filled with something before you relapse or it fill with something worse.

So how can you develop this mindset when all you can think of is smoking and the cravings hit with a fury and force like a hurricane driving you reluctantly to pick up another cigarette? If you want to take the first step do these few things:

  • set a quit date and stick to it, write it down and post it where you can see it and tell everyone you know that date!

  • Repeat to yourself every day ‘I want to be healthy, happy and smoke free!’ because this ingrains positive reasons into your subconscious to be a non-smoker
  • reward yourself every day you do not smoke with something small and revel in every success and forget every failure because they do not matter in the long run!

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