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How To Stop Smoking Weed – Marijuana Negative Effects And An Awesome Strategy To Stop This Drug Abuse

It is easy to stay a pothead and not grow up. It’s sad that many people nowadays want only to hear music, smoke a joint and hang out then live a real life. For me the most lucrative home cure for weed abuse was to have a child. However, numerous other people need serious help to give up this drug, need help to bolster their motivation. So, in this report, I’ll illustrate three of the destructive effects of weed use and how to stop smoking weed.

For a long time I’ve been smoking weed, and just similar to all potheads I always defended weed use, speaking it had no destructive consequences. Until the moment that I quit that was pretty much factual, at least for me. I began feeling a shocking sense of nervousness far surpassing any paranoia I had met before, I commenced having bad panic attacks in a very short while after smoking a joint.

So, here are 3 negative effects of smoking weed.

1. Delusion. A delusion is an untrue perception that is decisively held even when exact evidence that the belief is untrue is showed to the person. There are three major kinds of delusion: majesty delusion, persecutory and thought propagation delusions. My delusion linked to this drug use were found somewhere in the 2nd type.

2. Impaired memory. Long-term weed use creates memory, speed of judging every situation and other cognitive attributes degenerate in time, but cognitive abilities are also affected in short-term weed smokers.

3. Heart disorder. Within five minutes after smoking a joint, the heart starts beating more rapidly and the blood pressure is lowered. Weed can make the heart beat to increase from 20 to 50 beats per minute, and can grow even more if extra drugs are used at the same time. I’m pretty convinced you understand this raises the risk of a heart attack, especially if you’re over your 40s.

How to stop the marijuana abuse?

Just as I mentioned, for me the best cure was to have a child. However, I also had a little external assistance. I’ve been working with a system known as Mighty Oak Inner Strength Training. This strategy is not merely an easy-listening, stop smoking weed audiotape and it is not a miracle treatment for weed dependence. Unlike some products that you could have seen on the web or on TV that claim to cure your marijuana addiction right away and make you to stop smoking weed with no withdrawal, no cravings and no struggle on your part.

This plan will tutor you how to stop smoking weed using a chain of audio CDs and e-books. You will learn how to store up and refill your willpower, 3 key psychological circumstances essential for you to stop smoking weed, life skills that you should use for the rest of your life and a lot more.

So, if you want a new, improved life – it’s time to stop smoking weed!

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How To Stop Smoking Weed – Overcoming Social Pressures

One of the biggest obstacles you can face when trying to figure out how to stop smoking weed is how to overcome the social pressures of the task. This can come in many forms from friends and family who smoke to those that do not and not to mention the complex social interactions between all of this with you at the center trying to quit!

So how do you deal with these problems, keep your friends and family happy and still manage to quit? The answer lies with empathy

The ability to feel what others may be feeling and to be able to judge what they might be thinking is an invaluable tool in navigating social issues. Since most of the time the problems comes from revealing you are trying to quit to friends or family that are still using pot, the way you approach this and how you need to change your social dynamics is where you need a good sense of empathy.

For instance, a common situation is the worry that hanging with your friends who smoke pot will tempt you to smoke but telling them might make things awkward to the degree they ostracize you from the group. This is a reasonable fear but why they would do this is what you need to focus on. In most situations when someone reacts badly to your announcement it is because they feel you are judging their lifestyle by wanting to change yours from them … there is an instant disconnect and hurt feelings.

This can be avoided with the right approach which must be dealt with by wording it a way that does not condemn them and their habits but puts the focus on your need to do something different rather than saying smoking is a problem but it is just a problem for YOU. This can sometimes get you allies who might have been thinking the same for some time or might gain support even in words and encouragement or even being polite and not offering you joints or not smoking near you.

Understanding the viewpoint of other people in your social circle is essential to be able to quit with help and support while retaining friends and family bonds.

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