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Why Does Crystal Meth Cause Addiction So Quickly?

Crystal is central nervous system stimulant that resembles the drug amphetamines in its chemical structure and its physiological effects. However, crystal meth has a more rapid onset of effects and is more profound than the effects of amphetamines.

Since crystal meth, being a fine powder, can be snorted and since it is water soluble it can be dissolved in water and injected intravenously, both of these measures are to get the drug into the blood stream and to the brain as fast a possible and in large concentrations.

This causes a rush of Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, that causes elevated adrenaline making the body’s metabolism surge, causing a feeling of excitement and euphoria as well as increased heart-rate and blood pressure.

Increased dopamine blocks the natural reabsorption crystal meth of this neurotransmitter. Dopamine is naturally in our bodies and works as a reward feedback system that produces feelings of well being when we have accomplished pro-survival tasks like eating, sleeping, sex and creating products through our efforts.

When the dopamine is artificially stimulated with crystal meth, the usual reward system is overshadowed by the excessive levels of these hormones, which causes the dopamine to be rapidly absorbed, which causes a drop in this vital brain chemical and a drop in mood. The body is wired to keep equilibrium with these neurotransmitters and stimulating them does cause an elevation in mood, but the opposite is bound to come later.

Therefore, it isn’t hard to imagine how a person feels when they take crystal meth and get the wonderful feelings that are usually reserved for moments of accomplishment of pro-survival actions. What becomes so joyous that the person doesn’t require food or sleep will soon be an exhaustion accompanied by anger methamphetamine and depression and a total lack of energy to handle one’s basic needs.

At this point, vitamins, minerals and rest could end this cycle, but the mind is not very patient in waiting for a natural recovery and many people will justify taking another dose of crystal meth to “just pull them back to normal”. Unfortunately, because they are at a deficit in brain chemistry activity, the dose of meth required to feel normal is going to cause a repetition of the cycle just described.

Most people that start using this drug don’t take the necessary vitamins and minerals to help in this process so their chemical imbalance is accentuated and they need more of the drug to feel normal again.

This pattern of quick addiction at both the physiological and psychological levels isn’t limited to amphetamine use. A similar set or reactions speed occur with all drugs, but crystal meth represent the most extreme example of how rapidly one can go from being drug-free and feeling normal to a state where they are using the drug in an attempt to get back to this normal condition. It is very dangerous for anyone to use amphetamines for any reasons, but the abuse of this drug can easily lead to an addiction that requires professional intervention to break this cycle. This same process is true for cocaine as well.