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Self Help for Internet Porn Addiction

Any addiction can be an embarrassing affair as you admit to losing control of yourself to a substance or behavior and when the addiction is as taboo as masturbation and pornography it can be very difficult to get help from other people. Self help for internet porn addiction therefore is something that porn addicts desperately need to fight back against this psychological addition to the adult entertainment industry and to the rampant demands of their own libido.

Unlike going to a therapy center or using chemical replacement aides like some addictions overcoming porn addiction relies on understanding of your own mental state and above all, willpower. An overview of some of the main points of self help for porn addiction include:

Out of sight, out of mind.
The ease of finding pornography on the internet is astounding and so feeds addiction because it is so easy to get. To combat this you need to sit down at your PC while you are in a quitting mood (like now!) and delete all of your porn on your hard drive, delete all of your site histories, clear out your cache as well then delete any bookmarks of saved porn sites. Start clean and to stay clean install an adult site filter so you do not stumble upon porn sites accidentally and get drawn in that way.

Understand your addiction
Most addictions stem from a base psychological reason. Perhaps you are sexually frustrated or perhaps you have been doing it for so long it has become a habit you cannot live without (an orgasm addict) or maybe it stems from depression or anxiety and a need for release. Everyone is different but the only way to move forward is to understand this reason honestly so you do not blame the porn but instead know your weakness so you can act on it.

Motivation, Mindset and redirecting sexual energy
This is the hard bit but it can be done despite the sirens call of pornography. If you have your reasons to be free of internet porn addiction and a knowledge of why you are so hooked you are half way there and you just need a plan and a way to stay motivated along with a way to divert sexual energy to more productive things.

To find a complete guide to self help for internet porn addiction click below to discover how to be free of the world of smut for better sexual health, better relationships and more time to do thins that bring you joy not empty thrills.