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“I quit a year and a day ago and I want YOU to quit too!”

I just read a great post from an ex-marijuana addict on the uncommon-addiction forums. It deserves some more exposure!

I was you. I smoked at every opportunity, all the time for over a decade. Weed took precedence in my life, I could not bear to be without it for even a day. I always found money to buy weed, I loved the whole ritual surrounding it…or I thought I did until I realized I was numb. I no longer felt anything, I had become almost completely negative in my thinking, I hated seeing a dumb, grey skinned, red-eyed stoner moron staring back at me in the mirror. Then exactly a year ago I said ‘No more’ and I quit. So I wanted to return here, which was a great source of support for me in the early months of the quit to share everything I have learned in reference to kicking an addiction and what I experienced as a result of it.

1 – The first time I felt a benefit was about 2 days after quitting. I stayed up late one night watching a movie and afterwards had to just get some laundry out of the machine. As I folded the laundry, I felt a wave of melancholy wash over me…a kind of nostalgia, it was a subtle emotion I had not experienced for a decade, it was so subtle and so penetrating, I remember feeling overjoyed that I was feeling something real and not inducing a feeling via a 3rd party. This was just me and my emotions.

2 – I had incredibly vivid dreams, every night. I would wake up in pools of sweat, at first the dreams were persecution dreams with nightmarish qualities and gradually the imagery, though bizarre, became spectacular, like the most far-out and wonderful spectacle I had ever seen! When I got stoned, I just got blackness every night. No dreams. How can a person rob themselves of their dreams, they are a natural wonder.

3 – I became more sociable. I started to just appreciate the joys of communication with my fellow beings rather than hiding from them, or feeling some sense of shame or guilt at the fact I was stoned, or just social inadequacy at the fact my mind worked so slowly and my short term memory would embarrass me when I forgot what the hell I was talking about in the middle of a sentence! It truly is socially crippling. A stoner limits themselves to feeling the only people they are on a level with are other stoners. Combine this with the fact that the other stoners also have awful short term memories etc, it makes for a limiting social life.

4 – I had waves of misery and elation. Some days I would feel fantastic and almost hyper, other days I felt miserable and like I didn’t really want to face the world. In the early days, this was more extreme, after about 5 months I would say I felt as though I were on an even keel. This is psychological adjustment. If you are a long term smoker, you have left a relationship with the psychoactive effects of a plant that has influenced your world view and the way your very brain works. After five months, I felt like I was myself. Myself in a way I had never experienced, having been stoned since adolescence!

5 – Creativity. I work as an artist and marijuana always had appeal for me because I could easily work when stoned and I could do so to a high standard, enough to be regarded by my peers and respected for my talents. But I was terrified I would somehow grind to a halt creatively if I gave up marijuana. This is a huge misconception, to credit a plant with imbuing ones self with talent is to believe that anyone who smokes could become an artist, but the plan tis just along for the ride, it is neither here nor there, if anything it is a hinderance to the energy you need to be fully expressive. Also when you produce work with a sober mind, it is far more satisfying because you become aware of what is of you and this is liberating and life affirming. You are the vessel that creates and how wonderful to think that you were born with the ability and it is not attributed to anything else!

6 – Money. You just have more of it to do more worthwhile things with! This is a no brainer, but I would count it as a lesser benefit but it is enabling.

7 – Confidence. The feeling you are not burying your head in the sand or running away from anything. The feeling they you are yourself, eye to eye with reality. This is life affirming. You feel whole, that you are yourself and that it is enough.

8 – Relationships are just better. You feel more honest and as a result enjoy communication more and don’t have anything to play down in terms of an addiction. No more making up excuses for things because you are stoned and thus relegate your human relationships in favor of your relationship with a plant. The joys of just being with people and appreciating the simplest of sincere communications. Our relationships with our fellow beings are the MOST important aspect of any of our lives, a stoner loves, but not completely because they give that little bit less and we all know deep down that life is all about giving.

9 – The freedom from cynicism. I used to be cynical about so much because I think marijuana gave me a kind of arrogance regarding the nature of reality. I would look at the world around me, at all these straight people living their lives, going about their business and participating in the mundanity of everyday life and I wanted to remove myself from it because as a stoner, I always thought there was so much more that was more important and the majority of the world didn’t see this etc. As a result of this warped perception what I am describing here as cynicism actually seems to me to be a psychological mechanism of justifying ones weakness’ and fears and giving them a context in which they seem like some sort of superior insight, when in fact it is just warped, negative thinking. Now I feel restored to healthy cynicism about those things that require cynical thinking and healthy respect for those aspects of life that are mundane, but real!

10 – Now after one year, I look back and the whole idea that I made myself a vessel into which I could be filled with the generic characteristics of a plant and allow them to puppeteer my personality completely ridiculous! Clearly for years, I felt the need to do this for some reason, but a year after quitting I look back at all the wonderful things that have happened, I have moved into a great new house, I have rediscovered my passion for many interests and new ones and met people who have become excellent friends, people I would never have crossed paths with had I continued being a stoner! The value of this to me is immeasurable!

So if you are reading this and thinking about quitting, I hope something in here reaches you and helps to motivate you. Just bear in mind when you quit, the hard part is not being rid of the plant, that is easy, you just don’t ingest it or buy it etc, you just stay away from it. The hard part is coming to terms with yourself, which ultimately ends up with you feeling stronger, more complete and enriched. What more could you want for yourself? You will be better placed for that which life has to offer!

So good luck to all you people wanting to quit, if I could do it, so can you!


Quitting Pot – The Nasty 4 Letter Word That Is Stopping You

There are many things that seem keep you from quitting pot: Social reasons, stress, lack of a plan and so forth but hiding behind these excuses hides a nasty little devil that we either do not recognize or we do but try to hide him all the same; it is a dirty 4 letter word starting with ‘F’

That’s right … it is FEAR (what did you think I was talking about?)

We all like to think we can do what we want but there are obstacles in our way that stop us when the reality is that fear plays a much larger part in it that we will care to admit and if you have a been a long time smoker of marijuana it only intensifies because the alternative seems to much further away.

Most fear is quite subconscious however and usually shows its influences in the form of procrastination “I will quit: next week … after my birthday … when I finish this last bag of weed” etc or more overtly as an imagined obstacle “I can’t quit yet I will: lose my friends … suffer terrible withdrawals … lose my creativity.” etc. In the end though we realize what must be done it just seems to hard right?

This is not isolated to quitting marijuana addiction though or even any other addiction but can be applied to so many things in life whenever we need to embark on something new, a change of lifestyle or a new project or anything that we can not control the outcome.

The key is to not let it stop you from doing the things you know you have to do!

Here are a few main ways fear infects you and stops you quitting the bad habits that are holding you back and remember that courage is facing fear and doing what needs to be done despite of it, it is not the absence of fear itself!

Fear of Failure

Innumerable psychological studies have shown that the fear of failure is the main obstacle to personal success. This is linked closely to self-esteem in that we so closely link any task to our own self worth and so rather than risk possible humiliation we never even try … and if we do try and we do fail it negatively reinforces it all over again.

So how do we get over this fear of failure and all the negative self worth baggage that comes along with it?

  • Admit to yourself that you are afraid of failure to quit smoking pot.

  • Understand that if you stumble and fail, give in for just one smoke etc that it is not the end .. just something to learn from.
  • Relish the learning experience, and reject the illusion of humiliation, this can seem hard but once it becomes an ingrained habit it is a tool you can use for everything in life.

Fear of Success

Why the heck should anyone fear success?? If you want to quit smoking marijuana then why would we be afraid of being able to do it? This can be a tricky concept and is one of the hardest to puzzle out but basically it is because we are afraid of change and the new challenges that come with change that drive this, instead of thinking about positives we subconsciously associate success with all the problems that might come with it rather than the positives it will bring.

Success can also inject a few things into life that seem scary and can be overwhelming: Will your friends be hateful of your choice? Will you no longer be able to feel a high? How will you combat stress now? Any of these feel familiar?

Here are some tips to fight back against this type of fear:

  • Change comes no matter what happens, quit or keep smoking change will come so why not quit and face the change with a clear head and a fuller wallet?

  • Babe Ruth held the home run record and the strikeout record simultaneously. Keep swinging for the fences.
  • The positives that you get from quitting pot are not just the fact you will not be smoking and all that comes with that but it is the drive and determination and life lessons you will gain from the journey too.

Fear of Social Rejection

This can be a part of a fear of success but seems to have a special place for many people looking to quit smoking weed. Often your entire circle of friends may be smokers and the fear of them rejecting your choices can lead to you feeling like they are rejecting you as a person not just your life decision.

So, how do we avoid our fear of social rejection? Some do not do anything and do not even try but this is going to leave you unfulfilled and scared to do anything for yourself, so instead these tips may help you get over this fear.

  • Remember, you’ll never please everyone. Some people may be supportive and some will never be … who do you want to be your friends anyway?

  • Your life choices are your own, not theirs and it does not reflect on their choices either, if you let them know that and do not judge them then they have no right to judge you.

Fear of Risk

Like a fear of success this is a fear of the unknown, it is however more focused on being ‘safe’. No one ever got anywhere in life by not taking some risks and the same is true of stopping marijuana use because safety is about the status quo and not moving out of your comfort zone where everything seems controllable compared to the alternative.

Our brains actually are geared this way too which makes it doubly hard to beat this fear as we are hard wired to embrace consistency and familiarity. However better things are only there for those who seek the unfamiliar. Try to remember these things in your goals.

  • What is the worst that could happen? Will quitting pot really be that hard or difficult?

  • Risk-taking breeds self-confidence. Each step you take, each day you abstain from smoking will give you the energy to take the next step, face the next day until you conquer the fear completely
  • Do not over think it! Just do it!

If these tips are helpful to you click here to sign up for the quit marijuana newsletter and check out the downloadable resources available from the Marijuana Addiction Treatment page


How To Stop Smoking Marijuana – Understanding Your Addiction

A common misconception about marijuana addiction is that like cigarettes and some hard drugs in that the body develops an addiction to a chemical and if deprived of it brings on serious physical cravings that can near incapacitate some people. This is however totally incorrect and is one of the main reasons people misunderstand the addiction and fail when trying to quit.

So what is the secret on how to stop smoking marijuana? Why am I addicted to a non addictive substance? … The answer is psychological.

Since your body has no desperate need for pot the addiction this creates is mental or psychological. Psychological addiction stems from a person’s addiction to the high that an action creates; gambling addiction is the same when people are addicted to winning and even shopping can be a psychological addiction when people get addicted to finding bargains and buying nice things even if they will never use them. In the end they are all similar in that this high becomes something a person wants so much they believe it is a need and will continue to smoke pot because they think they cannot do without it and continue chasing the high.

However to combat this we need to go even deeper and look at why that initial addiction to that high began. What drove you to start smoking and what drove you to continue smoking. Some people simply fell into it because their friends all smoked, others use pot as a was to escape stress or to escape from abuse and others still smoke marijuana because they lack direction in their lives and it feels like an easy way to waste time which they find they cannot escape from. There are as many reasons for addiction as there are addictions meaning everyone is different but the common link is everyone one needs to understand their addiction and the cause before they can really learn to quit forever.

If you can find these reasons then you can start taking action to stop smoking marijuana. Some methods include meditation, finding rewarding hobbies, exercise, finding different social groups and so on. These solutions often have to be hand tailored by the addict so they can fill that time they spent smoking with other activities that are healthy and bring a sense or reward without being high. Though some have to be careful they do not simply pick up a replacement addiction which can be just as bad.

So how to stop smoking marijuana is actually how to understand all aspects of your addiction and then finding the willpower and help you need to fill your life with healthier and better things. good luck!

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How To Quit Pot – 4 Tips To Quit Weed Addiction Forever

While Marijuana is not a hard drug like heroin, cocaine or ice and has not been linked to cancer and heart disease like cigarette smoking the overuse of pot has ruined or inhibited many lives. Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to quit weed forever these tips for quitting pot may help you live the life you want to.

1. Understand your addiction

The first thing you must do is realize what your addiction actually is. You see, unlike cigarettes which contain nicotine which causes a chemical addiction in your body that gives you physical cravings for a smoke pot has no such chemicals. The addiction most pot smokers have is what is labeled a mental addiction. This means that there is no chemical or physical need to go an smoke some Marijuana, it is instead simply something you have come to believe you need because it is comfortable and the high you get feels good and you do not want to let it go; this is a psychological need;

2. Understand your psychological need

Once you can accept that your addiction stems from a psychological need you can move to understand that need. Is smoking an escape from a harsh reality? Is it simply a symptom of boredom? Is it because all your friends use pot too? The reasons we develop addictions are many and varied but understanding the core of it can allow you to set yourself free.

3. Find something to replace your addiction

This does not mean find another drug! It does however mean that while you try to quit pot you need to develop some coping mechanisms when you feel the need to use pot again. Finding something creative and fulfilling to fill that void can often lead to great things.

4. Develop your will to quit

As was said, Marijuana is not chemically addictive so quitting comes down to willpower. Now this does not mean that if you feel the need to use pot again you have weak willpower as psychological addiction can be very strong in people especially those who have used weed for many years. It does however mean that it will come down to what you do and the support the people around you offer, there are no pot “patches”.

How to quit smoking pot is much easier said than done but it is very possible to quit weed forever if you understand your addiction and take steps to remedy this core problem along with some willpower and a drive to succeed you can do this!

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What Benefits are There To Giving Up Pot?

The benefits of giving up pot can be listed point form from a huge variety of perks that can help you in your daily life and long term but one question people who are looking for benefits of quitting marijuana need to also ask is what benefits do I really want?

We can list a string of good reasons to quit but none of them really mean anything to an addict if they do not close to home and have real and personal meaning to their own situation. Without this personalized benefit all other good points may not stick in their mind when the temptation of smoking weed comes up and all of these vaguely good sounding things just become… well too vague, distant and out of context sometimes.

For this reason when looking ahead at the benefits of giving up pot you need to make sure you pick a personalized reason. It may be based of a general reason you may have found online or from what people tell you but you must take this reason or reasons and OWN them. Make them your own by making them specific to your needs and wants for the future with distinct GOALS you can try to achieve as that benefit.

For example, if you are finding you have no motivation to do anything and find you are losing contact with friends because of your habit, “extra motivation” may not be enough. Instead look at the benefit as “reconnecting with my social circle” because “Being with my old friends makes me feel great!”

Seek, find, personalize; set a goal and you will have all the benefits of being pot free set in front of you!

For more information about marijuana addiction and how you can achieve a pot free life click below.



Should You Ask Them To Quit Smoking Weed?

Asking someone to stop smoking marijuana is a thorny issue for so many reasons I may not have time to list them all but the fact of the matter is that usage of marijuana can cause extreme friction between friends, family and lovers. This friction has led to merely unpleasant to sometimes horrific scenarios of break ups, ostracism, estrangement which can all too often leave the addict further in the grips of marijuana. It seems like it should be a no brainer then but let’s take a step back for a moment.

Should you ask them to quit smoking weed?

  • Will this cause any problems?

  • Do you have the right to ask them to stop?
  • Do you know why you are asking them to stop?

These are all important questions to think of when you are deciding to confront someone about their marijuana addiction because if done in the wrong way with the wrong reasons you could cause a rift that is harder to heal and the friction between you will also still remain.

The reasons WHY you want them to quit smoking weed are the most important and these reasons need to be well defined to yourself before you even consider broaching the topic with this marijuana user. Many might simply say ‘because I do not like it’ but that is not a convincing argument to any pot smoker. Instead you need to make sure you understand and can express truthfully your own motives. Also, when considering should you ask them to quit smoking weed you should make sure that the reasons you have and the outcomes this would give would have benefits to BOTH of you or it may be seen as a selfish act even if you are sincerely concerned for their well being.

If you can answer all these questions and believe that you can broach the topic without incurring anger from the other person then yes you can ask them to stop smoking marijuana but you must be prepared to be drawn into an argument and be able to stay calm and focused and positive during it because an addict needs:

  • Help, not condemnation

  • Support, not shame
  • And understanding, not retaliation

Marijuana & Addiction Quotes

I am a big fan of short, punchy quotes when i am trying to motivate myself for anything. I paste them around the house, on my computer and use them in email signatures. Some think a single flippant quote might be meaningless but they msis the big picture in that it is you who applies the personal meaning to those quotes where they touch on something you can empathise with or something you want to aspire too. For marijuana addiction these are some of my favourites and some favourites of ex addicts i know.

“What hashish gives with one hand it takes away with the other: that is to say, it gives the power of imagination and takes away the ability to profit by it.” ~ Baudelaire (1860)

“Marijuana is like Coors beer. If you could buy the damn stuff at a Georgia filling station, you’d decide you wouldn’t want it.” ~ Billy Carter

“Marijuana you can give up, I’ve given it up for fifteen years now and it never occurs to me to smoke it anymore.” ~Larry Hagman

“Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.” ~ George Carlin

“You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit.” ~ David Ryan

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

“For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction… A lot of people suffer from this disease because negative thinking is addictive to each of the Big Three — the mind, the body, and the emotions. If one doesn’t get you, the others are waiting in the wings.” ~ Peter McWilliams

“We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely… change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.” ~ George Sheehan

“The biggest liar is addiction.” ~ Anonymous

“A junky runs on junk time. When his junk is cut off, the clock runs down and stops. All he can do is hang on and wait for non-junk time to start.” ~ William Burroughs

“Addicts turn their pleasures into vengeful Gods.” ~ Mason Cooley


Help Me Quit Weed! – What Help To Seek & How To Help Yourself

Help! The word everyone has cried at some point in their lives and a word that is often underestimated, misunderstood and sadly often ignored. ‘Help me quit weed’ is not just something people say looking for a few tips and hints like it was some do it yourself project with some nails and a hammer. When we include help in anything we do it is a way to reach out and say to the world I am in trouble, I am floundering, I cannot do it on my own.

If this is how you feel do not be ashamed nor embarrassed because as has been said everyone cries out for help and if we did not we would never learn important skills and lessons. If you want to quit smoking pot the experience of others is very important to seek to better your knowledge and to maybe gain some support in your time of need. It also signifies that you realize you have an addiction strong enough that you feel your current motivation and willpower cannot overcome for a wide variety of reasons.

So where can you find help? An importantly … who should you ask?

The real trick with finding information, support and understanding is that sometimes these things should not all be found in the same place. An expert on drug use who has not used drugs can tell you many things that are important to know and will help you but will they give he same insight an ex-pothead might be able to give? Also people who quit smoking weed give the kind of support you need that might need a deeper bond? The answers vary wildly based on what you need and when you need it but a good guide is to be informed from multiple points of view and to find support in those who have empathy and understanding.

In the end however you must take the advice to your cry of ‘help me quit weed’ from others and apply that to yourself because no one can hold your hand forever and seeking help is the first step to helping your self not only in quitting marijuana but also in life beyond cannabis and into the future because in the end YOU must do the hard yards, but if you have knowledge and support behind you it makes it that much easier.

So if you are looking for help to quit smoking weed click below to find more information and support to help you get through this tough period.