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The Truth About Marijuana Is The Best Prevention

In the last ten years, marijuana use has become more acceptable and many parents feel that it is okay for their children to smoke pot. There has definitely been a change in attitudes towards this drug, but if you look at the truth about marijuana use, it hardly deserves to be thought of a benign substance that poses little problems or negative consequences.

This change in attitude has been literally sold to the American public by those whose agenda is to legalize marijuana or to de-criminalize the present laws. In most states, marijuana laws have been weakened to better fit the reality of the dangers of this drug, but history has shown that children and young adults pay little attention to the consequences of breaking these laws when they decide to follow their friend’s advice to enjoy the effects of this drug.

What has been shown to be successful in helping one’s children make good decisions about whether to smoke marijuana drug rehab or not, is to be totally honest in your evaluation of this drug. Fear tactics were used in schools and other prevention programs in the 70s and 80s and the results showed that this strategy resulted in the opposite of the intended outcome of inhibiting the use of marijuana. At the age when young people are testing boundaries and attempting to emancipate themselves from their parent’s authority, fear tactics can be the necessary impetus to cause a teenager to try the drug for no other reason then to validate their bravery.

Because marijuana is available almost anyone today, parents must realize that the decision to use or not to use is something that their children will be confronted with and they will need to resolute in their decisions as to whether they will smoke marijuana or abstain.

In many states, marijuana marijuana prevention is dispensed legally as a medicine with a prescription from a licensed physician. Parents are finding that their messages about the dangers of marijuana are being countered by the argument that if marijuana is a medicine, then it can’t be that harmful.

The truth about the ill effects of marijuana can be found on many websites marijuana prevention and even though it is now being used as a medicine in some states, there are many medicines that no one should take unless they are combatting specific symptoms.

Long-term use of marijuana lowers one’s ability to think clearly and therefore, lowers I.Q. This, in itself, is enough to make the down-side of using this drug outweigh any of the “positive” feelings that one has when they are under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana is a fat-soluble drug that accumulates, over time, in the dormant fat tissue of the body. The toxic affects of these stored toxins have caused many people to have diverse neurological symptoms even after abstaining from the drug for extended periods of time. It isn’t uncommon to find chronic marijuana users who are suffering from migraines and other headaches.

Loved ones can help anyone that is exploring the idea of using marijuana by explaining that the true affects of long-term marijuana use is something that none of us would chose to have in our lives. Use of marijuana has been proven to be a high-risk activity in terms of being a gateway drug to other more toxic street drugs. That is reason enough to do whatever you can to help educated other about the negative truth about this drug.


Should Parents Be Concerned If Their Children Are Using Spice Or K2?

The direct answer is YES. Spice and a similar compound, K2, are commercial names for imitation marijuana marijuana that is being used across the United States by many of our teenagers and young adults. Spice or K2 is a synthetic cannabis drug that is psychoactive herb that mimics the effects of marijuana or cannabis.

These synthetic compounds, generically called designer drugs, were first seen for sale in the first part of the 2000 and were thought to be a harmless mixture of legal herbs, but further analysis showed that they were synthetic cannabinoids that have the same effects on the body as THC, the cannabinoid that causes the drug effect in marijuana.

Since there are presently no laws to make the sale of Spice and/or K2 illegal, the youth of America are using this window of legal opportunity to purchase and use a drug that is considered by professional as being more dangerous than marijuana.

The manufacturers of these drugs spice claim that they are a combination of medicinal herbs that are totally safe and legal. However, when professional chemical labs in Germany analyzed their products, they were unable to find the “fingerprint” molecules of the listed ingredients, but instead they speculated that these products were made form synthetic cannabinoid drugs. In fact, the chemical in Spice that causes the pot-like affects is about four to five times more potent than THC.

The products are being marketed as an “aromatic pot” or a nicotine-free pleasure smoke. It is being sold on-line and at head shops.

In 2009, the British government expressed concern on it rapid popularity and Germany, Austria and France have banned the sale of these substances.

In the United States, Spice is a banned substance, but K2 is still legal even though the Drug Enforcement Administration considers K2 a “drug of concern”, it is still being marketed on the Internet and in some head shops. Some states, Kansas and Kentucky, have introduced legislation and Health Department bans on K2 and other states are in the process of banning it as well, but it is still too easy for our minors to get access to the dangerous drug that is manufactured mainly in China and Korea.

Regarding whether parents should be concerned, the answer is definitely YES, since there are report of young people that have had untoward effects from this drug, including drug-induced psychotic episodes drug rehabs that have led to suicide in some cases.

We used to feel that if something was legal to sell, that the Food and Drug Administration would ensure the public that it was save, but we need to start relying on our own research before we jump to that conclusion.
Not only is it dangerous because of the side affects of drug, but it is obviously a poison to humans and will retard ones abilities to learn and remember what they have been studying, which is enough reason for parents to be highly concerned about its distribution to their children.


Is Marijuana Use Truly Safe?

This history of marijuana information shows us that most of what we have been told about this drug is either embellished fabrications or outright lies. In the Depression Era, American were given marijuana propaganda through the movie “Reefer Madness”, where it was shown that smoking marijuana could change you from a loving friend to someone killing your friends and loved ones and becoming a drug crazed psychotic.

In the 60s and 70s the youth of America rebelled against any untruths from the “establishment” and the idea that “you can’t trust anyone over thirty” led to the idea that any negative information about marijuana was propagated by special interest, such as the alcohol industry, to manipulate society.

Today, the use of marijuana marijuana is perceived by the public as a somewhat safe drug that doesn’t need be overly regulated or kept illegal. Celebrities and other opinion leaders are continually talking about their marijuana use as a truly recreational drug with only slight inference to negative aspects of its use.

An educated and informed public is essential to a prosperous democracy and a stable society, but when it comes to marijuana, most of us are still unsure of whether it should be a legal commodity or even if the idea of medical marijuana is well founded.

First of all, one needs to challenge the assumption that man needs to have some chemical to help him “unwind” or to relieve the stress of modern life. Most people would argue with that idea, but it is one of the major tenants in alcohol marketing.

The public should be able to make our own personal evaluation on the use or legalization of marijuana since there have been over forty years of good and reputable research on the effects of marijuana marijuana treatment that can show us the truth about this drug.

Many tout that marijuana isn’t addictive, like alcohol, but the research shows that long-term use of marijuana leads to compulsive seeking of the drug in spite of knowing that its use is detrimental, which is one definition of addiction. About 9 percent of marijuana users become addicted, with that number being as high as 17% for those who start smoking in their youth.

There is ample research documenting that marijuana use is associated with increased anxiety and depression as well as many cases of marijuana psychosis taking high doses of the drug.

Marijuana increases the heart rate marijuana from twenty percent to a doubling of the normal resting heart rate. This side effect translates into a nearly five-fold increase in heart attacks in the first hour after marijuana smoking.
Marijuana smoke contains approximately 60% more carcinogens than tobacco smoke, which is accepted as a public health problem.

These are other studies that show the impact of marijuana reduces one’s ambition and worsens personal problems.

It is vital to know the truth about marijuana before we become apathetic about its use in our society or in our families. Alcohol and many other drugs have similar and other side effects, but marijuana isn’t as benign as users wanting to believe and enlisting your support for their denial. All drug use has its consequences and none of them are life supporting.



Ever wonder why MARIJUANA is illegal and LIQUOR is legal. If you look at the facts you will see the difference in statistics.

POT has effected people by making them a little slow when driving but then again, when did that ever hurt anybody? Anyway, we all know the effects LIQUOR has on a person when they drive and the possible outcomes. Now to me just that difference alone should change the law but, nope! So, what about if you smoke too much pot? what happens? You will just fall asleep and gain about 5 pounds from the munchies but that’s it. If you drink too much LIQUOR you will throw-up, be very uncomfortable and maybe even land yourself in the hospital. Now, POT on the other hand would take about 15pounds in 15 minutes for you to get sick which no one could ever possibly consume, so no worries there. How about attitude? Did you ever see someone smoke a joint and want to start fighting people, I’m sure not much, but can’t say that about Liquor it causes violence everywhere, home, the bar, family gatherings and so forth.

Marijuana makes you relax, calm, funny and peaceful. I don’t know who made these laws or who is in charge today of regulating what’s going on here but it’s very obvious there is a different reason for POT not being legal vs. liquor. These listed statements are just a very few comparisons of the outcomes of both and are far from the worst. In any case, I am all for pot and hope you are to. The feeling of being dizzy and wanting to fight all the tie just is not for me. Also, there is no nature in LIQUOR. POT is enjoyable to look at, feel ,smell, and builds a certain sense of excitement which is never found in drinking for me at least. Pot is also grown naturally while liquor is processed.Imagine the overall long term health issues on just that simple fact alone.HUH? Must be a conspiracy or something going on.

IN some states it’s legal for medical usage which must mean that it is actually good for us in some sort of way. Now you don’t see doctor’s telling people to go home and drink. So these are a few of many,many different situations between the both there are a lot of dramatic differences and not really any similarities except for the fact you need to be drinking a lot of water once you are no longer intoxicated.So, all together MARIJUANA has a delightful feeling, outcome, effect and overall power which to me liquor does not possess. I know there is a lot of people out there that agree with me on this and a lot of people who disagree on this. Either way, the truth is the truth and facts are facts. How many people do YOU know that die from MARIJUANA. Okay keep thinking….Now think of the people who died from LIQUOR, yep! There you have it

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Help Legalize Marijuana

America knows that there are a lot of positive reasons why marijuana should be legalized. The positive reasons should completely overtake the few negative things about marijuana. Politicians are always saying that marijuana is such a bad thing. Every single politician says the same thing about marijuana; they all try to say it’s very unhealthy. Well last time I checked Cigarettes where pretty unhealthy, but that’s legal. They are all persuaded that marijuana is so bad just because it gives you a, “high feeling”. That will lead me into my first discussion about why marijuana should be legalized.

First of all, about 76,000 people die every year from using alcohol. So obviously alcohol is dangerous. I will tell you from personal experiences that marijuana is not harmless to the community at all. Unlike alcohol, Marijuana does not make you “not care about what you’re doing”. I actually tended to be more concentrated while driving or working while being under the influence of marijuana. Do you think it’s fair to marijuana users that they have to worry about being arrested just for smoking some marijuana? I smoked marijuana with one of my elders who was about 70 years old. I have to tell you for how much marijuana she has smoked in her lifetime she seems pretty intelligent. She doesn’t drink alcohol because she knows that it makes people do crazy things. This elder is the most pleasant elder you could talk to, and she has never caused the community any trouble. The law enforcement does not even bother her because they know she is not causing any trouble. Just take that personal experience and think about that.

Leading from violence, I’m going to tell you how legalizing marijuana would make the United Sates much less violent. First of all the United Sates prisons would not be as full as usual. They would approximately lose 20 percent of there population. That will reduce huge amounts of taxes that you are paying. Just think, Big gangs and drug cartels would have to go away from marijuana trafficking. That would mean people would not get killed over bad deals or trying to stand in the way of the drug deals. Also the courthouse won’t have to worry about all the funding to keep people away from marijuana. Besides all the funding they put into that does nothing? Nothing will stop marijuana users from using. So why not cut the funding, especially in this economy.

As you have heard, Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the whole United States! Even more marijuana is grown then tobacco, and that’s a lot. Also the United States is in debt for over 13 trillion dollars. If the national government would legalize marijuana they would have so many new products they could tax, including the product as itself. From just taxes alone the government could make billions of dollars towards the national debts. It won’t just help the national debts. It will also help our economy by creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. That would bring more spending and less business reductions. All the financial things about marijuana are positive. There are 14 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. If you do some research you will find that a high percentage of those states have little debts.

Now we all know there are short term and long term effects from using marijuana, but it’s our body so we should have the freedom to do what we want to it. The effects of smoking marijuana are no worse then smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. As the constitution says we get “the pursuit of happiness”, so what if marijuana is some people pursuit of happiness.

As you have seen from this information, drug is not a lethal drug. In fact it is the safest drug in the world. So why have other drugs been legalized before marijuana . Help marijuana to be legalized by spreading this message to your friends. Don’t pass this by and think it will never happen. If everyone took a little part in spreading this message it would rise in the media which would overtake what the politicians are saying. This is serious and you could help just by spreading this message around the media.

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