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Overcoming Pornography Addiction – Take Control of Your Browsing Habits

One of the biggest obstacles many people face when trying to overcome pornography addiction is the incredible ease of access that you have to pornographic material via the internet. If you have trouble controlling your urges and constantly find yourself drawn to these sites no matter how hard you try not to then you are likely classed as a pornography addict which can be a serious problem.

While some may scoff at the thought of being addicted to sleaze on the net the reality is that porn and masturbation are a powerful mix as the high gained from viewing and climaxing over pornography releases many brain chemicals that can be a source of addiction much like the high of any other drugs. This is combined with ease of access as has been mentioned and the privacy of the act lead to cycle of impulsive behavior that becomes ingrained and hard to stop.

The causes for becoming addicted in the first place also play a part in overcoming pornography addiction. No one person is the same but a few common reasons people turned to porn and became enmeshed are:

  • Low self esteem
  • Sexual frustration
  • Escapism from problems
  • Depression
  • Even something as simple as boredom

This may seem obvious to some but when a simple act of release starts to dominate your entire life and starts to hurt your social life, health, friends and family then you know that something needs to change. IF you have come this far and have recognized the addiction and know something about what originally caused such an unhealthy obsession then you can start to take action to change your behaviors to overcome pornography addiction by controlling your browsing habits and also change the way you respond to stimuli.


If you have tried to simply stop viewing porn and have found this to be impossible and you end up on adult entertainment sites again and again either through sloppy browsing or by letting some urge get a hold of you and opening your favorite bookmarked sites, then you need to find a way initially to remove as much temptation as possible. “Out of sight out of mind” can certainly be applied to this situation and the first step is to start with a clean slate:

  • Delete all porn from your computer, extra hard drives, USB sticks ANYTHING!
  • Get rid of all bookmarks, browsing history, internet cache and so forth.
  • Unsubscribe from all porn sites you have paid for or have passwords for.

Now that you have a clean slate you need to keep it that way too! The best way to stop yourself from accidentally stumbling on to porn sites is to get a porn blocking program. While it may seem silly a “net nanny” program (you can download through this link) is a good way to block out the kind of content that you are obsessed with. Many people who are trying to cut down on porn or quit often end up browsing porn without even realizing it then follow though out of habit, if you cannot access that content then you have shut out that aspect.

Another quick way to enforce this even further is to get someone else to put a password on it for you if there is someone you can trust to keep it secret so you cannot disable it.

Resolve Triggers

Once you have these methods of control installed and set up you need to do the real work to overcome pornography addiction which is to understand WHY you are addicted to porn and importantly what triggers your desire for it. Most people do not have an insatiable appetite for these things and function properly without porn until something triggers the need which in an addict’s case is very strong.

The causes of addiction listed above are a good place to start but may have evolved into something else along the way too. Think back to the times you have had a need to view pornography, or at least to the times you seem to stumble upon it again and again, what are you feeling at the time? Some examples of common cases:

“Every time I am the computer I run out of things to do and get bored. I know there are a million and one other things I could do but I always seem to go back to porn.”

“There is something relaxing about porn and masturbation, it is a lot easier than dealing with women in real life.”

“My wife never does the stuff that is in those videos, this just allows me to live out some fantasy without having her think me a pervert.”

In all of these cases you can determine some triggers: boredom, frustration, feelings of loneliness and so forth. If you take ownership of these triggers and understand them and when they occur you have a greater chance of not succumbing to this addiction.

Plan of action

Once you have determined some triggers you now need to have a plan of action against it. Some people may say to just go do something else and while the essence of this is true, it is too simple a way to put it.

Try to do something that either fulfills this trigger in a non-porn related way or is something that fights against this trigger so it will not happen any more. So if you are frustrated make a decision to do something that relieves some frustration without the use of pornography or take steps to make sure this frustration does not happen again. There are so many ways you can do this it is impossible to list as YOU have to make this decision as long as you know your triggers.

This is far from everything you need to know when overcoming pornography addiction but it will help you control your online browsing habits to curb your cravings. For more information on how to overcome porn addiction if you are an addict or if you are the partner of an addict click below to find out more.

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