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Fighting Porn Addiction – Refocusing Sexual Energy

Fighting porn addiction can seem like a battle with your own libido especially if you have been masturbating to online pornography for a long time for a number of reasons:

  • Anything done for a long time becomes a habit that can be so ingrained into your lifestyle it is hard to shake.

  • You have trained your body to expect sexual reward and the lack of such a reward becomes like a physical craving.
  • Ease of access means that relief to your frustrations and cravings is so easy to satisfy many continue to give in and do not gain addiction recovery.
  • Help is hard to come by because the subject is so taboo with most people making this a very lonely addiction.

So what can you do to fight porn addiction and come out on top and in control of your life and sexuality?

One such method that may help is to find a way to refocus your sexual energy. It is too easy to simply say i will do something else when i feel the need to pop online to view pornography but it is a part of the puzzle. The real results come from changing your mental addiction triggers to be positive rather than negative (being excessive porn and masturbation). When you discover what triggers your episodes online find something you can do to take your mind off it and stick to that, write it down and make it a new habit. It could be that you are depressed or sad which would require something targeting that particular trigger. It may be that you have sexually frustrating relationship issues which would require an approach aimed at solving that problem. One of the biggest problems though is boredom for many people and when online it is such an easy way to spend time despite the problems with sexuality that porn is known to cause .. if this is the case the best way to start changing this is to find a non-computer based alternative to relieve boredom because any association with the PC and the internet can easily lead down the path of addiction again.

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How To Break A Porn Addiction

Breaking any addiction is a complex process that involves understanding and action and how to break a porn addiction is just the same!

While this may seem simplistic lets look and see how important each one is and how they fail without each other.


Action is important; if you procrastinate over doing something then you will never get it done. Most people suffering from addictive behavior lack the drive to take action. A smoker says he will quit on his birthday or new year, a gambler will quit after their next big win and so one but usually they continue to delay. Having the willpower to take action is something that no one can really help you with it has to come from a determination within yourself fueled by a vision of how much better your life will be when you cure yourself.
Such immediate actions for porn addiction include unsubscribing to porn sites, deleting all porn from your computer and blocking porn sites out with 3rd party software. These are good steps more for motivation than for effectiveness but reducing temptation is never a bad thing.
The problem comes when one takes action without a true understanding of their addiction. Action is a top down approach tackling the symptoms and very obvious aspects of the addiction but it does not remove the root cause of your addiction so the weed may once again grow in a moment of weakness undoing all the good you have done.


Understanding helps you take a bottom up approach to overcoming porn addiction. This means you must first understand what your addiction is, how it is damaging your life and those around you and of course understanding you do actually have a serious problem.

Following this you must delve deeper into your psychological problems and investigate and understand the root causes of your addiction be it low self esteem, a warped view of women and sex or problems within your marriage perhaps? There are so many reasons and everyone is different so it must be you who comes to the final realization.

Armed with this knowledge you can take on these causes and find ways to come to terms with them and eliminate them from your life making you a stronger person and killing the weed at its base.

However, some people have an uncanny ability to over think things and investigate and understand but never get around to actually taking action! Nothing amount of soul searching will actually help you quit unless you have the will to take positive actions not only against the top down aspects mentioned but against the root problems which are a lot harder.

The motivation to do all this can be hard to come by but the sheer fact of the matter is that your future is in your hands and this is a battle that can be won if you apply yourself men tally and physically to the task. There are reams and reams of books written about motivation so I will not go into that here but provided you can keep the motivation and use these two tools you can be porn free before you know it!

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How to Stop an Addiction to Porn

There is no easy answer to how to stop an addiction to porn as the real causes behind such a damaging habit are as varied as the bizarre sex acts you find in the adult entertainment industry! Without a one shot 12 step program or something of the like we must look for a more personalized solution that takes into account the fact that every case is different and every person responds to different methods of curing their problems.

It is recommended however that the first step should be to take action and remove the temptation by unsubscribing to porn sites and deleting all traces of porn from your computer as well as putting in place site blockers. The less temptations there are the more chance you have to find the real reasons behind your problem. It also gives a much needed motivational boost taking affirmative action directly against what plagues them but beware this can be a short term cure if the underlying problems are not addressed!

To really counter an addiction you need to understand the root cause of the addiction and take action against that or any other short term measure will eventually be overcome in a moment of weakness. Porn addiction is most often attributed to low self esteem and while this is not the only cause it is by far the most common. Why this may be depends on the person and overcoming low self esteem is a whole other fight you may have to win before you can cure your porn addiction. Whether this is your problem or it is something else an honest analysis without self deception or exaggeration is needed to isolate each issue and break them down into manageable chunks you can deal with one at a time.

So take action and get started one what may be a very personal journey of discovery, most addictions are not isolated problems but require an entire new look on life to break and if that is the case it can only be for the better so keep in mind all the good things that can come from breaking your addiction to porn and get out there and fight for your freedom and mental health!

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Is There A Porn Addiction Cure?

Is there a porn addiction cure? The simple answer is yes, there are cures for any addictive behavior as it is not something hard coded into you that you cannot overcome, there is always a way to change the course of your life with some hard work and an honest and open mind.

All addiction is caused by some base issues that drive people to addictive behavior, most often it is used as an escape from something in their lives and becomes so ingrained it starts to take over their life destroying relationships and friendships and costing you enormous amounts of time and money!

To counter sickness of the mind like this the base cause of the problem must be identified and isolated so you can find a way to change yourself to overcome this. Just stopping excessive porn viewing will yield nothing in the long run unless the reasons behind it are not exposed and solved.

The most common cause of porn addiction is probably low self esteem which can manifest differently in every person so there is no one easy solution to the problem but as long as you can find this cause or perhaps others you have won your first major fight against addiction.

So when we talk about a porn addiction cure we are actually talking about a cure to a deep seated problem within someone’s psychological makeup that may have been festering there for years and years. How you solve these issues is something very personal and the entire psychiatric industry is still finding new and inventive ways to help or make money out of people with mental issues but the advice I offer is that if you are of strong enough will to find these problems honestly then you can take them, break them down into smaller little problems that you can find some way of reconciling or overcoming.

So is there a porn addiction cure? yes, but it has to be you who finds the solution as long as you have the right resources and support!

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How To Stop Porn Addiction

The shame of porn addiction can be overwhelming
The shame of porn addiction can be overwhelming

Step one: Do you admit you have a problem? Do you realize just how much damage porn addiction can do to your life and your relationships? Do you really want to know how to stop porn addiction? OR are you just hoping there is an easy one click cure?

If you are looking for a quick fix then the same problems that cause your porn addiction are still active within you and you will not get far. The ease of access to porn and instant gratification are what pulls most people into the world of porn addiction and since there is no one click cure those same instant gratification people stay mired in their problems and never choose the harder but more fulfilling and better path.

What does this mean? It means that any addiction is a major problem and any addiction requires you to be committed to solving it. To do this you must believe whole heartedly in the benefits of being cured of your addiction and you must be aware of what damage it is doing. Most importantly though you must understand and be aware of what actually originally caused you to begin your addiction.

While the instant gratification I mentioned is what makes it easy for you to become addicted the reason why you needed to seek such things out again and again is a whole different story and may be as varied as the bizarre sex acts you find in the adult entertainment industry!

Step two: Think back to when you started, and the reasons behind it, simple titillation maybe? Sure that can certainly be a reason but was there anything more? A frustration or a problem? Think back to when you started to be addicted but may not have know it, think back to when it started becoming a problem, the reasons were probably much different but linked none the less. As much as men are ruled by their hormones if you put aside simple horniness there is a deeper issue if you cannot overcome your base instincts when they cause damage to your life.

How to stop porn addiction lies with and understanding and acceptance of the reasons you started watching so much porn not where you are right now and requires a great deal of introspection and insight into your own soul and motives. Low self esteem is one of the most common aspects of porn addiction but the reasons surrounding this problem vary greatly from person to person so a personalized approach to a cure is needed.

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Beating Pornography Addiction – A No-Nonsense Approach

If you are serious about beating pornography addiction then there are a few immediate things you need to do to be able to overcome it once and for all.

Firstly before you can do anything about the core problem that pornography and sex addiction comes from you need to remove the temptation from your life and this involves putting blockages to pornographic material in the place where most people get their fix: the computer.

  • Delete all pornographic material from your computer, all movies, images and so forth.

  • Delete any links to porn sites from your computer, clear out your cookies, delete any passwords you have and delete your internet cache to be sure nothing remains.
  • If you are involved with chat rooms and online sex make sure to block anyone who might tempt you and delete all non essential programs.
  • Get a adult site blocker, there are plenty on the internet that will restrict access to any pornographic type site so if you do accidentally go to a site that might tempt you it will not show.
  • If you have some support with this get THEM to install the site blocker so you do not even know how to override the system making it even harder to access pornographic material online.

If you are intent on beating pornography addiction do these things NOW … not tomorrow, not next week NO delays do it now!

Done? Right now you can move on to the next steps which can actually get you results and change the way you think about pornography, sex, intimacy and yourself which are all things that become skewed and misrepresented by an addiction to pornography.

The only real way to beat your addiction for a long term solution is to understand why you keep going back again and again and this does not mean simple answers like it feels good because being an orgasm addict is too simple a reason. Beating pornography addiction comes from understanding the problems in your life that drive you to view pornography on such a scale you class yourself as an addict which means it is having serious negative repercussions in your life.

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Help For Pornography Addiction – What Options Are There?

Help for pornography addiction is not as easy to find as help for other addictions and is often harder to decide if you should get help because of its sensitive nature. Addictions to drugs and well known behavioral addictions like gambling and alcoholism while embarrassing and terrible have a sense of acceptance in the community thanks to wide media coverage and public awareness campaigns which is a good thing. However pornography addiction and sex addiction often is still a taboo subject as our sensibilities towards sex in general hampers our progress on this front.

So what can you do to get help for pornography addiction if you know you have a problem?

There are options thankfully but each has their pros and cons and often the availability is the biggest issue of them all.

Meeting Formats
Alcoholics anonymous is famous for their meetings and 12 step programs which have helped many people by giving them a social outlet and a plan to follow which is all some people need. However the downside is that such meetings for pornography addictions are often very hard to be involved in if you wish the be truly anonymous and are not comfortable in a social situation talking about pornography, sex and masturbation.

While some people crave therapy and having a personal individual outlet for their feelings and emotions about their addiction to porn therapy is very expensive and often very long term. If you recognize that your addiction perhaps comes from a deeper issue you feel you need help with then this may be a good course of action however.

Self Help
Stop self abuse with self help! Any addiction can be cured with the right advice, The correct understanding of why you are addicted, the right course of action and of course a huge amount of willpower! Help for pornography addiction can be done by yourself without you having to announce it to the world but for this you need to stand up and take charge of the situation and having the right information is the key to this as knowledge is power.

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Online Pornography Addiction Statistics – 6 Finding That Make You Think

If you have ever wondered as to the extent of the online pornography industry then here is an eye opener from toptenreviews.com


6 of these statistics that related to addiction or possible addiction drew my attention.

12% of the internet is devoted to pornography
When you consider how much pornography is available from other sources this is an enormous number fueled by ease of use, ease of access for minors and anonymity that can draw people in and make it seem normal when it is usually hidden.

25% of total search engine requests are for pornographic requests
This number seems excessively high and stats are not always perfect but to even come close to that is amazing, 1 in 4 things typed into a search engine have words like porn, xxx and so on in them!

The average age of first Internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old

Young and impressionable minds can find this stuff which does not bode well. Habits that form young are much more likely to become hard core addictions later in life and are harder to get rid of.

10% of adults admit to Internet sexual addictions
That is just the people who admit to it, imagine the real number and growing …

Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites – 72% male – 28% female
While typically considered a men’s problem it is interesting to see that women in large numbers are also active in online pornography and may have a harder time with it because it is considered a male problem too I bet.

Women struggling with pornography addiction – 17%
Larger than the average it would seem.

While many of these statistics might not be entirely accurate it does paint a picture of increasing trends among men and women to become addicted to online pornography. It would be interested in seeing statistics on how many people seek help for pornography addiction too …