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New Years Resolutions – Quitting Marijuana, Smoking or Alcohol?


new-year1The new year is the time everyone reflects back on the year that was and starts planning and making promises on what they will do in the new year. Then tradition of new years resolutions gets played out millions of times with everyone looking to be happier, healthier and wealthier. This has led to many people making the best decisions they could ever make in regards to thier mental and physical health which is to give up an addiction such as smoking marijuana, smoking cigarettes or drinking too much even.

If you plan to do this or are thinking it is a wise move there are a few statistics you should know:

  • 75% make it past the first week
  • 71% make it past the second week
  • 64% make it past the month mark
  • Only 46% get past the 6 month mark and are then back to their old habits

This is not designed to scare you away from making a resolution though. While more than half to fail to keep a resolutions there are a numb er of things you can do to help yourself  stay on the straight and narrow and achieve a lasting result.

  • Never make a resolution on an impulse especially is you are drunk or high.
  • Never make a resolution when you are in a negative frame of mind as a positive resolution is much more likely to succeed
  • Make a realistic goal for what you want to do. If you make it too over the top and it is unachievable then you may as well not make it because you are set up to fail.
  • PLAN YOUR GOAL! I cannot stress this enough. Make a plan to achieve what you want to do or your desires are just so much words on the wind.
  • Plan for a setback. We are not perfect and sometimes our desires for a better life do become muddied and you may break your resolution. Do not give up though, make sure you have a plan to get right back on with your goal even if you break your resolution because the process is a journey not an on/off button.

So if you are planning your new years resolutions take note, plan, be positive and you will achieve an end to your impulsive addictive behaviors! If you require some help for this task here are some resources for you to use.

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