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Do Your RSA Course Online To Avoid Fines And Penalties

Why do I suggest people who serve booze be doing an rsa course? Let’s take a look at the figures. Approximately 2b people drink alcohol worldwide and around 76 million of those have booze related mental health issues.

It also results in nearly 1,800,000 fatalities per annually or three point two percent of all death. Around 6 percent of male deaths are related to alcohol and nearly one in 10 deaths among young people aged 15 to 29 is from alcohol-related causes. It increases the chances of things like fights, sexual assault, killing, graffiti and so on.

Around 71 people die every day from alcohol related car accidents and about 25 of those are children. Here’s where it gets interesting. About forty percent of all boozing happens outside the home, at places serving alcohol. So not all the blame for this worldwide epidemic of alcohol fueled death, destruction, money wasting, dead children and so on rests with the individuals doing the drinking.

Somebody somewhere sold the person alcohol. So is it their fault? That’s a hard question. If some poor service person uses responsible service of alcohol principles, they may get the sack for under-performance.But if they don’t they are at the very least ‘enabling’ someones irresponsible drinking. I’ve been in hospitality and mostly people just want to have a few drinks with friends, celebrate something, get on the dance floor, try their luck with the opposite sex…in short they are there to have fun. Really, its not our job to stop people having fun.

However, some of these fools do get drunk, attack people, get in their cars etc. There is no way staff can tell the difference between someone who’s going to get blotto and do damage and someone who’s just there for some fun.What we can do is cut off thimble heads who show certain behaviors, are rude, unsteady on their feet, glassy eyed etc.

Most venues serving alcohol will support staff when issues like this arise. It comes down to this. Responsible service of alcohol is about caring for other people.The best thing you can do, is to do an RSA course and get your RSA certificate. What you want is to find one that can be done online and that produces a recognised qualification. Watch out for variations between different States. In Australia for example, liquor laws vary depending on if you serve in QLD, WA, SA, NT and so on.

At the end of the day an rsa course online will benefit everyone involved, from serving staff who will learn how to serve responsibly, to patrons, who will feel safe in a family friendly environment and managers and licensees who will have greater legal protection and will avoid hefty fines and possible loss of license and reputation.

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