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Fighting Porn Addiction – Refocusing Sexual Energy

Fighting porn addiction can seem like a battle with your own libido especially if you have been masturbating to online pornography for a long time for a number of reasons:

  • Anything done for a long time becomes a habit that can be so ingrained into your lifestyle it is hard to shake.

  • You have trained your body to expect sexual reward and the lack of such a reward becomes like a physical craving.
  • Ease of access means that relief to your frustrations and cravings is so easy to satisfy many continue to give in and do not gain addiction recovery.
  • Help is hard to come by because the subject is so taboo with most people making this a very lonely addiction.

So what can you do to fight porn addiction and come out on top and in control of your life and sexuality?

One such method that may help is to find a way to refocus your sexual energy. It is too easy to simply say i will do something else when i feel the need to pop online to view pornography but it is a part of the puzzle. The real results come from changing your mental addiction triggers to be positive rather than negative (being excessive porn and masturbation). When you discover what triggers your episodes online find something you can do to take your mind off it and stick to that, write it down and make it a new habit. It could be that you are depressed or sad which would require something targeting that particular trigger. It may be that you have sexually frustrating relationship issues which would require an approach aimed at solving that problem. One of the biggest problems though is boredom for many people and when online it is such an easy way to spend time despite the problems with sexuality that porn is known to cause .. if this is the case the best way to start changing this is to find a non-computer based alternative to relieve boredom because any association with the PC and the internet can easily lead down the path of addiction again.

For more information on fighting porn addiction for yourself or if you know someone who is addicted click below to find the answers you need to end your addiction and be unchained, free and happier with yourself and your sexual life without having to go to sex addiction counseling