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Online Pornography Addiction Statistics – 6 Finding That Make You Think

If you have ever wondered as to the extent of the online pornography industry then here is an eye opener from toptenreviews.com


6 of these statistics that related to addiction or possible addiction drew my attention.

12% of the internet is devoted to pornography
When you consider how much pornography is available from other sources this is an enormous number fueled by ease of use, ease of access for minors and anonymity that can draw people in and make it seem normal when it is usually hidden.

25% of total search engine requests are for pornographic requests
This number seems excessively high and stats are not always perfect but to even come close to that is amazing, 1 in 4 things typed into a search engine have words like porn, xxx and so on in them!

The average age of first Internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old

Young and impressionable minds can find this stuff which does not bode well. Habits that form young are much more likely to become hard core addictions later in life and are harder to get rid of.

10% of adults admit to Internet sexual addictions
That is just the people who admit to it, imagine the real number and growing …

Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites – 72% male – 28% female
While typically considered a men’s problem it is interesting to see that women in large numbers are also active in online pornography and may have a harder time with it because it is considered a male problem too I bet.

Women struggling with pornography addiction – 17%
Larger than the average it would seem.

While many of these statistics might not be entirely accurate it does paint a picture of increasing trends among men and women to become addicted to online pornography. It would be interested in seeing statistics on how many people seek help for pornography addiction too …