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If Your Depressed And Like Drinking, Here Are Six Powerful Tips To Help You Stop Drinking Now, Not Later But Today!

Before i begine, i need to tell you that this blog post is for you if your depression and suffering from alcohol over-useage or know of an depressed alcoholic.Its time to stop drinking.
You know that alcohol destroys your body from the inside out right?

Im sure you also know that drinking has the power to over-take every aspect of your life.
The ways to stop drinking are endless, please keep in mind that support from friends and family can make a great difference.

*1 Why are you drinking buddy?
Sit down and start breaking down the reason or reasons why your drinking.
* Family problems..
* Money issues and or..
* Stress can all play a role in problem drinking.

Make a list of all the reasons why you drink. Whenever you feel weak minded, just review your list.
Its very helpful at getting your priorities in check.

Here’s a easy tip: Try making copies of your list. Place copies in every-room of your house, even in your vehicle or place of work.
This is a war and we need all the help we can get, do you agree?

*2 How do i reduce my drinking?
Let me tell you, stopping drinking was hard for me because it was my 2 year, almost everyday habit.
My best move was slowly reducing the amount i would intake over time until my habit was under control.

Please be serious about this. Make a list of how much you usually drink and cut that down by 10 – 15 percent. Try giving yourself a final cut off date and stick to it.

*3 Stay on top of your results.
Stay on top of your game. At the end of everyday, you should be recording your results. Try setting weekly and monthly goals. Remember, small steps are the best steps. Also, record how your life is changing.

Im not going to lie to you, you may slip up and have a drink.If you do.. gain your composure, take a deep breath and focus your mind on taking it 1 day at a time.Dont be hard on yourself and remember, if nobody else cares about your health.. i do :)

*4 Destroy the obstacles.
You might have to ditch some friends if they dont accept the fact your on the road to a alcohol free life.

Also, changing your lifestyle and habits will be of major help for you. Instead of drinking alcohol, drink..

* A ice cold glass of h20..
* A tasty fruit smoothie and or..
* Sip on some all natural cranberry juice.

Just avoid the sugar filled drinks, i dont want you beating your alcohol addiction just to gain sugar diabetes buddy!

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