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Stop Smoking – NLP Solutions

braingearsStop smoking NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) programs are fast becoming one of the most beneficial quit smoking programs. NLP is not always the entire solutions but it can be the major pillar of your attempts to give up smoking cigarettes amongst other methods ands techniques that you may use.

What is NLP

  • Neuro Refers to the neural network that feed into the brain. Nerve cells otherwise known as neurons are the working bits used by the nervous system to send, receive, and store signals that become information.
  • Linguistics refer to the content, both non-verbal and verbal, that moves through and across these pathways.
  • Programming is the way the content or signal is manipulated to convert it into useful information. The brain may direct the signal, sequence it, change it based on our prior experience, or connect it to some other experience we have stored in our brain to convert it into thinking patterns and behaviors that are the essence of our experience of life.


If this is too complicated it basically means you can use language and communications to effectively reprogram your brain so you change your behaviors. In this case changing your behavior of wanting to smoke to not wanting to smoke!

How does NLP work?

This is a huge question and very difficult to answer succinctly. As best as it can be explained NLP is a way to communicate with other and in the case of stopping smoking communicating with yourself in a way that analyzes your perceptions of the world and your behaviors. You then use methods of speaking and acting that work like a mild self hypnosis (crudely put) that allows you to change your emotional associations with certain events like smoking cigarettes.

It is not magic, it is not really classed as a science but it is a result driven way of influencing your own thinking that is flexible, personal and works!

Can NLP work for me?

While the praise for the results of stop smoking NLP programs are there it is important to note a few other factors that need to be at work for this to be successful.

The first element may seem obvious but you must have a personal desire to stop smoking cigarettes. Sometimes smokers who are trying to quit are not doing it for their own personal reasons but perhaps because they feel they have to or they are being pressured to by friends and family. Grabbing every stop smoking aid in this case is not going to give great results because none of them are a silver bullet cure! You have to want it yourself for your own personal reasons or the resentment and your lingering love of smoking will just come back and bite you later on. This can be classified as internal and external prompts, for example:

  • Internal Prompt: If you are totally aware of health risks of smoking and the reason to quit is because of this knowledge of self harm. Another example is knowing that the second hand smoke you produce is harmful to your family and you wish to end any chances of making them sick because you love them. All of these types of reasons are powerful and a stop smoking NLP program can certainly be of help. On another note, when you take action like this you will probably receive more support from your family and friends as you are taking a positive step rather than forcing a step from negativity.
  • External Prompts A prime example of this is a constantly nagging spouse complaining about the smoker smells, costs of your habit or other such issues. These may be real reasons for quitting smoking, but the desire to stop smoking is often not nearly as potent which can make it harder for a smoker to quit. When the cravings for a cigarette hits which it always will those with external prompts to stop smoking cigarettes are more likely to smoke that cigarette because the cost of it will be the nagging spouse which may seem bearable in comparison while those with internal prompts will be more motivated by a sense of personal failure if they give in.

This is not to deny that an external push is not a legitimate and useful reason to quit smoking but it is not as strong a force as those who have a deep personal desire.

Now while those last items were not totally about NLP they do highlight the things needed for NLP to really work for you which is a desire to succeed and a willingness to be flexible and to change your ways from within.

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Cleansing Your Lungs – A Little Known Way To Quit Smoking

Many smokers who want to quit are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options that are thrown at them from nicotine patches & gum to hypnotherapy and more! Cleansing your lungs may seem like just another odd home remedy which can seem old fashioned compared to expensive laser surgery and other more modern methods and while this is something you can do at home it is certainly not lacking in effect!

Not only does having a healthy set of lungs give you many health and well being benefits such as:

  • Less chance of lung cancer
  • Easier breathing
  • Get rid of smoker’s coughs
  • Better Cardio
  • Better blood circulation and more

Cleansing your lungs will also actually make you dislike cigarette smoke making it repellant to you rather than something you want and crave. This is because once you have cleaned out the tar buildups which also contain nicotine that continues to feed into your blood your body no longer tolerates such toxins whereas before it had to.

This will not happen overnight and will not completely overcome the psychological addiction of cigarettes which is where most people actually fail because they are so focused on nicotine withdrawals and cravings they forget to look at the mental side of addiction. However with a body free of the physical problems leaves you with the willpower, time and energy to focus on that part which is a big bonus.

Now, the average smoker takes about 15-20 years to finally rid their lungs of all the impurities which is a long time but cleansing your lungs with proper lung exercises, vitamins and diet changes can reduce this to less than a year if done correctly.

So, to find out how you can stave off lung cancer, shortness of breath and have your body fight for you rather than against you when quitting click below for more lung detox information.



Quit Cigarette Smoking – Do You Know Your Options?

The decision to quit smoking is just the start!
The decision to quit smoking is just the start!
When you quit cigarette smoking you will find yourself looking for help as soon as the cravings hit and it all becomes too hard. This is perfectly normal and understandable but many people simply take whatever option of help is put in their way first often to the detriment of their quit cigarette smoking goals!

To combat this here is a quick list of help available to smokers looking to kick their habit and be happier, healthier (and have a wallet with more cash in it too!)

1. Products
There is a range of cessation treatment products designed to wean smokers of cigarettes and hold off cravings by feeding the nicotine addiction that is a large cause (but not the only one) of the need to smoke again.
You can purchase nicotine patches, nicotine gum (like Barack Obama), nicotine spray and inhalers too. These are all designed to help with nicotine cravings but they will not stop you smoking cigarettes if you have a strong psychological addiction to them which most people have. They can be a useful addition to your attempt to quit though as long as you do not put all your faith in them!

2. Support Groups
There are many support groups and therapy groups available for smokers which can be located through local medical centers and hospitals. One problem with therapy and groups like this though is that everyone else is hooked like you and all you do is talk about smoking which can be a distraction from quitting sometimes! IT can generate more stress than it solves and the quitting rate from these is quit poor. However if you have no support from anyone else in your life this may be the best option because everyone needs personal support going through this rough time.

3. Hypnosis
Many may scoff at the thought of quitting cigarette smoking through hypnosis but more and more people who are open to the idea have found some relief with hypnosis. This is because it does not change the way you think with mind control as many may think but instead it is a tool to slightly reprogram the way you think but only if you want it to. Skeptics should keep away from this but if you believe in the power of the mind and what6 hypnosis can do it has produced decent results. As a note you can also do self hypnosis with many audio courses available on the internet to help you quit smoking cigarettes.

4. Neuro Linguistic Programming
This term has a mixed reaction in the psychological sciences, some discredit it but under various different names extremely successful life coaches like Anthony Robbins have taken the core concept and shaped it to change millions of people’s lives for the better. The basic concept is that through language and certain ways of thinking you can reprogram the way you think. Much like hypnosis it requires an open mind but NLP practitioners have shown it can be a powerful ally to strengthen resolve and change life habits.

5. Lung Detoxification
This is something you rarely hear about but has had many success stories also. The basic premise is that your lungs are filled with tar and gunk from smoking cigarettes for so long and to quit cigarette smoking you must detox your lungs and clean them out. While this is simply a great idea for your health it has the added benefit that it actually puts you off cigarette smoking once it is done because the rapid detox effect leaves the body unused to smoking and makes it quit un-enjoyable.

If you would like more information on the self help aspect of quitting cigarette smoking click below to find out more about how you can help yourself healthier, happier and smoke free without horrendous cravings.
Make this attempt to quit be the successful one.