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Video Gaming Addictions

An addictive personality disorder may be the main reason for addiction to games. The life of a person becomes unbalanced if he is too immersed in a game to care about what happens in real life. One of the most addictive things about video games is the fact that there is some sort of a reward for the gamer every time he finishes a level.

If there is another type of addiction that is similar to this, it would be gambling addiction. Gambling addicts don’t let up until they win something, just like a gamer won’t let go of a game until he reaches the end. Gambling and gaming addicts share this trait of wanting something and playing for as long as it takes to get it. The addict wants more once he gets to the reward.

What are signs of addiction? If a person cannot stay away from a game, he is considered an addict. If the person cannot talk about anything else other than his game. It’s true that some gamers can go for days without going out to play a game. Lack of sleep may also be a recurring problem for gamers. One more thing that suffers is the connection that the gamer has with his family and friends. Most of the time, gamers are not aware that they have to cultivate relationships outside their games in order to live their life. The stereotypical gaming addict usually has no friends.

Because most people are not threatened by gaming addicts, they feel no need to set up a rehabilitation center for these people. The most that a concerned parent or friend can do is to offer the gamer incentive to stay away from his game long enough for him to change his perspective. The long break may change his perspective. He may start to understand how much time he has lost

In conclusion, video game addiction is real and can happen to anyone if you are not careful.