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To Drink Or Not Drink

If you drink alcohol in small amounts, it can be a remedy, and if large quantities – a poison. Of course, the frequency vypivok accelerates disease. And do not think that there are people who feel “dangerous line” … Incidentally, as soon as people began to seriously kiss the bottle, began to struggle with alcoholism, and quite active.
The Spartans believed that drinking wine is entitled only to the elderly. The same opinion was distant from them thousands of miles and thousands of years, the Aztecs in Mexico. And if you let yourself get drunk young man? Here punishment depended on the social situation: what it was higher, the more terrible was the punishment. Servant was subjected to corporal punishment, publicly traded into slavery, noble executed. In Sparta specially soldered to death slaves to free the youth, seeing the ugliness and vileness of a drunken man, forever imbued aversion to drinking.
Struggle with alcoholism has a long history. Boris Godunov started a special “brazhnye prison,” which threw drunken, usually after the punishment with a whip. But heavy drinking in Russia to eliminate in this way failed. As yet nobody has been able to completely destroy the only flaw with penalties.
Moreover, if drunkenness can be called a vice, then the use of wine in moderation – is unlikely. The ancient Romans believed that even the servants have to give the wine, otherwise they will be less work. So it was written in the relevant manuals on household management, which have reached our time. In addition, the strict ban of one defect may lead to another – even more terrible. The Prophet Muhammad forbade Muslims to drink wine, and opened the way for broad distribution of hashish.
However, interesting as trying to deal with the green snake today? As it happens with us, many of you know firsthand … And “they”?
In England, a drunken man above all brought to the police station for up to 12 hours. If a detainee is drunk, it can deliver a sobering center. Sobering-up stations are in full competence of the health authorities. If a person is drunk so much that remains unconscious, the police must immediately take him to hospital.
In France, the sobering-up stations do not exist. There are drunks kept in police custody until protrezvleniya.
In the United States control over the availability of drunks in public places are together with the police members of the “rescue teams” – charitable community organizations.
In Poland, the sobering-up stations are run by the Ministry of Environment. Attendants – only doctors. But in a sobering-up stations delivered only to persons in a state of severe intoxication. The rest of the Polish civil police escorts to homes and requests custody of an adult family member. This service is, of course, must then pay for it.
It is interesting to arrive in Finland. For drinkers vodka there is provided a small house with underfloor heating. Crawled here – and dryhni till morning …
In all countries, services Sobering-up stations are paid.
Among scientists today are still being debated, as “better” to drink alcohol: more and more slowly or infrequently, but over and over? Doctors say that those who drink rarely, but a lot, ruin oneself by drink many times faster … However, most of us about the features of the organism know more than doctors. And very few people know as “disgusting in Russia in the morning.”
To drink or not drink? – That is the question. And if you drink, then: what? where? when? with whom? .. And it’s better to think about it beforehand, sober.

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